The definition of lubricating oil and hydraulic oil

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Lubricating oil is a kind of lubricant, it is between two relative motion between objects, with contact and friction reduction of two objects. In addition, it also has a cooling, antirust, clean, sealed and buffer, and so on. And lubricating oil into diesel engine lubricating oil and gasoline engine oil, each with different brands to choose from. Hydraulic oil is the use of liquid pressure can use of the hydraulic system of hydraulic medium, in the hydraulic system plays an energy transfer, anti-wear, lubrication system, anticorrosive, antirust, cooling, sealing, etc. The hydraulic oil is a kind of transmission pressure ( Power) Special oil, it is divided into common hydraulic oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil and low solidifying point such as hydraulic oil. And engineering machinery hydraulic oil is based on the practical working environment requirement engineering machinery and die-casting machine research and development of hydraulic system for oil, compared with the other hydraulic engineering machinery hydraulic oil has better abrasion resistance, anti-rust, demulsibility, oxidation stability, hydrolytic stability and thermal stability. Lubricating oil and hydraulic oil has the same wear, cooling, antirust, clean, seal, and so on, on the main role, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil or different construction machinery. The main purpose of the lubricating oil is to reduce caused by the friction of mechanical damage; The main purpose of the engineering machinery hydraulic oil is passed pressure ( Power) . It is because of their main role is different, so the lubricating oil pay more attention to reduce friction, slow wear and prevent the function of the metal sintering; The hydraulic oil is paid more attention to viscosity index, it requires that the hydraulic oil has a good performance at high temperature under low temperature to ensure easy flow, reduce energy consumption.
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