The dangers of buy inferior carter accessories

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Using high quality CTP carter drivers accessories & gt;>> Click to buy accessories carter & lt; < < Caterpillar excavator can normal operation, and the stand or fall of each carter excavators accessories has the close relation. But choose excavator market also has some inferior excavator parts are inferior excavator parts for excavators have affected many aspects, among them, the inferior filter will affect the excavator engine, extremely easy to cause the engine wear, tile burning, shaft, and even reduction engine life. Next from the following analysis of the causes are: inferior excavator attachments often removed, difference of the filter with ordinary rubber instead of oil resistant rubber parts. In use process, or filter internal short circuit formed by the internal seal seal failure, the engine early wear and cutting life; Or expansion deformation of external the seals, oil filter outside sealing ring out, a short time, a large number of drainage, make the engine burn watts, holding shaft, suffered severe damage. Inferior excavator spare parts to save cost, cut corners, shoddy filter commonly used low price of filter paper filter. Because of its suitable filter aperture large, poor uniformity and low filtration efficiency, the engine can not be effectively filter harmful impurities, will cause the engine early wear. Inferior excavator filter shell part welding with alternative spot welding seam welding, no guarantee that the sealing, easy to form a short circuit. Inferior excavator parts often can not meet the specification on the performance, the oil filter center pipe material with thin and thick, strength is not enough. Because of center pipe, flat absorption filter breakage blocking oil, the engine lubrication lack; Or bite poor reliability, bite mouth opened in use process, the oil in a short time, a large number of leaks, causing the engine to burn, holding shaft. Inferior excavator filter filter plate, center pipe, casing and other metal parts without rust proofing. The metal corrosion occurring impurities, make filter into a pollution source. What is more, to cement instead of adhesive, its harm is greater. From this may see a little point to use inferior excavator excavator parts cost is a big proposal everybody excavator machine Lord in replacing excavator attachments especially important parts must be measured. Best to use good quality excavator attachments, in order to prevent unnecessary economic losses. The CTP accessories gives you the most good caterpillar parts, high performance and quality to you with the best guarantee of excavator and CTP carter accessories after testing a variety of jobs, maintain its precise specifications. The CTP parts are all imported parts, the most valuable brand. Its quality in line with the price! Is the reason you choose unconditionally! WeChat scan for more information
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