The composition of the excavator hydraulic transmission system

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Hydraulic transmission system, divided by the liquid as the medium, usually consists of the following four parts: 1, dynamic components: can convert mechanical energy into liquid pressure components. Is the most common form of hydraulic pump, it provides pressure oil hydraulic system. 2, actuators: the liquid pressure can be converted into mechanical energy of hydraulic components. Common in the hydraulic system is to do a straight line reciprocating movement of the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor rotary movement. 3, control components: the hydraulic system pressure, flow rate and flow direction to control or mediation components. Hydraulic control valves to control the mediation component in the hydraulic system. 4, auxiliary components: the above three parts of other components, hydraulic system in the tank, oil pipe, the pipe joint, pressure gauge, filter and cooler are auxiliary components, they also have important to guarantee the normal work of the system.
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