The comparison of crawler excavator and wheel excavator - Excavator bearing factory

by:HMB     2021-01-12

linqing excavator bearings summarize the difference between the crawler excavator and wheel excavator

the excavator bearings manufacturer of access, excavators can be divided into crawler excavator, wheel excavator and a variety of types such as traction excavator, but are composed of derrick, bucket, bucket and bridge. Crawler excavator crawler tracked vehicle. Wheel excavator, by contrast, bearing is on wheels to move. They can be used in many working conditions, such as digging trenches, hole, material processing, forestry work, dismantled.

crawler excavator bearing has the advantage that don't need too many Settings to mining. It can achieve 360 free rotation. Crawler crane dynamic performance and through the performance is better than that of wheel crane. It is able to work in the mining project or muddy areas, strong climbing ability. Wheel excavator bearings have high flexibility, can spread rapidly speeding up 40 - different scene 50 km/h, which can be applied to operating on the no harmful. On the other hand, the low heat resistance of the tire and high elastic weakened its stability and security.

therefore, nowadays more and more people like crawler excavator bearings. In spite of the crawler excavator are not good at mobile, specific carrier will provide transportation services. In addition, comprehensive performance is better than that of wheel crane crawler excavator bearings, it can be used in various field.

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