The choose and buy secondhand small excavators

by:HMB     2021-01-26
The appearance of small excavators and job situation is very similar with other general type excavator, when the user want to buy a second-hand machine, must be measured in many ways, avoid being, to introduce the following, hope to help. 1, about the bucket and movable arm, is an important part of bucket hydraulic cylinder connecting pin shaft and bushing, be sure to check the consistence of these places, another key part of the arm connected to the excavator after check carefully, if after the arm at the bottom of the connection excessive wear and tear, and the value of the whole device could lead to a loss. 2, the oil means that could be the oil pollution. 3, wary of car body welding. 4, rubber tracks and chassis. 5, driving operation examination. 6, engine cover, open the engine cover and check for signs of smoke exhaust pipes. Can pull out the oil dipstick and see if any smoke. Smoking too much often need to replace the piston ring, and may before long will overhaul engine.
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