The Chinese New Year is coming soon, your excavator maintenance accessories do?

by:HMB     2021-01-19

near the Spring Festival, under the busy busy digging the friends to buy necessities and is immersed in a festive atmosphere, but don't forget to excavator excavator parts small make up remind you the maintenance of the oh.

how to maintain

1, the water discharge within the oil-water separator.

2, sent out within the engine antifreeze, replace the oil, in addition to top up diesel, avoid excavator parts diesel tank wall rust.

3, excavator attachments for lubrication.

4, clean the dirt on the drivers.

how to correctly parked

1, install door lock anti-theft

excavator parked outdoors, be sure to check and clear the valuables inside the excavator, when necessary, to add a few lock their, avoid the loss of goods were stolen.

2, excavator accessories battery storage

easy to lose electric battery in a cold environment, if conditions permit should remove the battery in the interior.

note: when disassembling battery, broken negative line first, then break the positive line; When installation to connect the positive line first, then connect the cathode lines. When doing so can prevent the disassembling battery short circuit.

3, choose a solid flat ground parking, timber, before and after the crawler should be fitted to avoid moisture, salt, dust and other harsh environment. of big arm, forearm, scoop all piston rod, cylinder in a state of big cavity. Back to find a few ponchos cover bare cylinder.

4, air conditioning and engine maintenance

running air conditioning once a month, bridge after heating, let the refrigerant in the circulation of air conditioning system for a week, keep the air conditioning system of the sealing ring in a certain thickness of oil film, prevent refrigerant leakage.

start the engine once a month, so that movement of the excavator parts surface can attach a layer of new oil film, prevent rust or dry grinding is damaged.

5, excavator parts broken hammer store

to install the drivers of broken hammer, need to pay attention to the following two points:

a month without the use of broken hammer, to be placed in the back of my broken hammer sleepers mat is high, and then release the nitrogen cylinder body, and after the piston to the cylinder, and placed in a dry indoor place, to avoid the excavator attachments piston water rust, caused by the piston seal damage.

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