The cause of the hydraulic system of high temperature

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Hydraulic oil temperature is too high, can make the machinery to produce thermal deformation, thermal expansion coefficient of different moving parts in hydraulic components due to its smaller fit clearance and stuck, cause action failure, affect the hydraulic system of transmission precision, deterioration in quality parts work. The main reason for the hydraulic oil temperature is too high are: 1. Tank volume is too small, the cooling area is not enough; Not installed oil cooling unit, or is a cooling device but its capacity is too small. 2. According to fast-forward speed choice pump capacity metering pump oil supply system, in the work when they have most of the excess flow at high pressure and heat from the relief valve discharge. 3. Unloading loops in the system failure or not set unloading circuits, to stop work when the pump not unloading, all the flow at high pressure pump overflow, overflow losses and fever, lead to heat up. 4. Bending system pipeline to go too long, too much, local pressure loss and the frictional pressure loss is big. 5. Components precision insufficient and poor quality of assembly, relative movement between the mechanical friction loss is big. 6. The mating parts fit clearance is too small, or use wear causes the clearance is too large, large amount of internal and external leakage, volume loss. Such as the volumetric efficiency of the pump is reduced, the temperature rise fast. 7. The hydraulic system pressure is much higher than actual needs adjustment. Sometimes it is because of sealed tight, or for their seal damage, leakage increase had to raise the pressure to work. 8. Climate and the working environment temperature is high, the oil temperature is high. 9. Improper choice of oil viscosity, viscosity big viscosity resistance, increase the viscosity is too small, leak, two cases can cause heating temperature.
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