The cause of the excavator to stall in the place

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Don't know if you have met the excavator temper big situation, after doing for a while will automatically shut down the strike, start again depends on the mood, can sometimes start, sometimes cannot be started, a summary is a startup machine difficult disease, the owner and driver squealed. The driver say to the owner, if the machine repair bad again, he really can't again, to work for a few hours a day, clean the garage and get his hands dirty, make yourself tired, take a machinist's salary with the job of a tractor driver and mechanic, so the maintenance process to share with you. 1, flameout solenoid valve circuit fault analysis and flameout solenoid valve itself problems can cause the failure. 2, diesel filter clogging or bring waterproof loose mouth intake. 3, diesel hose aging, fractures lead to leakage. 4, hand pump seal damage, and hand pump hollow screw with a built-in filter clogging. 5, each interface sealing ring damage lead to leak. Troubleshooting 1, on-site inspection flameout solenoid valve circuit, keep the coil and coil power supply work, flameout solenoid valve itself has no overheating phenomenon, ruled out a circuit problem. Try to start the machine is in can start immediately, but master maintenance with experience can obviously feel start time a little meaning. 2, replace the first and second fuel filter and filled with oil, tighten the waterproof, try to start the machine starts, but the fault is still work for a few minutes. 3, check the hand pump on the built-in filter no jam phenomenon, hollow screw diesel by sex is good. 4, when the exhaust process, according to the hand pump to pump oil found with a small amount of air outlet, can only start after the exhaust, running around for a few minutes will automatically shut down. 5, after careful examination, there is always in the oil cannot be completely free air, preliminary judgment is in the fuel line break or untight seal leakage. 6 not trouble, repair the master took the most simple, but the most effective methods of leak detection, find came to cheer to tire inflator pump, cheer with inflator pump for diesel oil in the tube and maintain a certain pressure, finally found the fuel filter cover exhaust bolt seal rubber part of the aging cause untight seal leakage. Troubleshooting remove the aging O glue type, change new copper pad, after experiment without leakage, eliminate air, commissioning all normal, fault and no recurrence after working for half an hour. Summary for excavators in work, some parts and original own O aprons appeared aging due to time reasons, O long time use of synthetic deformation, diesel corrosion make its aging, so recommend repair and replacement work must not slack off, replace the new o-rings, copper pad, can largely reduce the fault probability.
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