The cause of the automatic rising mining mechanical arm

by:HMB     2021-02-06
Drivers fault conditions: as komatsu - 200 Automatic rising 6 drivers started moving arm ( Start after hydraulic lock didn't open) , check valve, pressure compensation valve is no problem, control tubing disconnect switch spring or not, it may be for the following reasons: 1, the confirmation will be the forerunner of tubing is broken on both sides of the premise, movable arm or automatic promotion, may be a slide valve stuck, may use hand twitch feels very smooth, but slight wear and tear is not affected. Also do not feel, but also makes the main valve core is stuck. 2 channels, or internal body damage, caused a lot of leaks, but this possibility is not big, the main valve core out advice carefully check to see and a flashlight. 3, or may be the body drain, or serious one-way inside leaking, suggest to check the valve core, it is possible that the valve core is ground clearance between too much and body increases the cause, or the body internal problems. 4, driving floor actuation is something wrong with the poles, circuit should have no problem, action locks appeared some problems.
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