The basic knowledge of rotary bearing

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Wheel bearings, also known as rotary bearing, is a kind of can simultaneously under high axial load, radial load and tilting moment such as comprehensive large-scale special structure bearing load. Usually, its mounting holes, grease holes and sealing device, can meet various needs of all kinds of host under different working condition. Wheel bearing itself has compact structure, easy to guide the rotation, convenient installation and easy maintenance, etc. Rotary bearing the structure of the commonly used single row, double row four-point contact ball bearings, double row angular contact thrust ball wheel bearing, crossed cylindrical roller and crossed tapered roller wheel three row cylindrical roller bearings, wheel bearings, ball column hybrid bearings and so on different structure forms. Wheel bearing according to different characteristics of the structure can be meet the needs of work under various load conditions the host. Among them, the four-point contact ball bearings with high load capacity. Double rejection diameter ball rotary bearing capacity than single volleyball itself has a big improvement. Cross roller wheel has high static load capacity. Column ball joint type wheel bearings under the condition of guarantee of rotary precision, has great bear axial and radial load and tilting moment.
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