The application of small excavator - Linqing excavator parts

by:HMB     2021-01-20

today excavator parts finishing some application about the mini excavators, mini excavators with mining, digging ditches, level off, crushing, dot, and other functions, widely used in urban construction, landscaping, road construction, channels of farmland improvement, mining and other fields.

in order to improve the efficiency and create maximum productivity, should follow the following guidelines:

1. Mining directly with small excavator attachments of bucket rocks or permafrost, so that can protect barrels from being damaged.

2。 Operating depth and width should not be more than the specifications of the machine. In general, excavator attachments caterpillar band and work area safe distance between the edge should be at least 1 - 1. 5 meters.

3。 Inspection equipment of excavator attachments, walking components, safety device, hydraulic components and electrical equipment, to ensure that all parts and equipment before starting work in the normal state.

4。 At the edge of the cliff to take protective measures. Ensure that the work area without loose stones or scattered rocks. Excavators placed on a flat, safety, avoid collapse.

5。 Before starting work, should be stable to small excavators. After leaving the work area of the barrel moving and walking. Rotating brake excavator parts, rather than steering clutch, should be used to rotate.

6。 Loading, bucket should be as low as possible, it may not impact any part of the excavator spare parts. Under the condition of the bucket through the bridge, must keep a safe distance between bucket and cab, to ensure the safety of drivers and machine.

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