The application of composite bearing - Excavator bearings release

by:HMB     2021-01-12

combination excavator bearings for the hoisting system, platform and cantilever load provides an effective solution. The system will be the radial bearing and high torque load in combination with small axial roller to eliminate the lateral. They are often used by screw jack separated from all of the lateral force and moment, thus guide screw jack lifting system, make the screw jack smaller, more cost-effective.

these combinations excavator bearings often welding on the installation of the flange plate, easy to install and replace. Flange plate provides a standard size, thread and the hole, but the square plate and special plate can be installed. Flange plate with a standard rectangular size, thread and the hole, but the square plate and special plate is easy to install, convenient for customer.

sealing and excavator bearing grease for manufacturing installation provides a reliable guide, no external grease or oil, which is the ideal choice for cleaning industry environment. The excavator bearing is designed to be in U and I run in hot rolled steel plate configuration. The mild steel material is easy to machine, welding and integration, sometimes is also used as structural components, but also because of the high cross section stiffness.

for more precise applications or guidance, a complete precise orbit and excavator bearings are available. It is through the processing of radial bearing inner surface and back and large diameter main radial excavator bearings. Reduce running tolerance, increase the guidance accuracy. Before machining, the cross section can be precise straightening and torsion. At the same time can also through drilling, nailing or clearance holes, can accurate processing, installation of fixation on the length of the railway.

the place on put together is narrated, combination excavator bearing is a very general linear guide system, suitable for heavy duty, high load, sometimes need a custom solution heavy manufacturing and automation project.

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