The application of angular contact ball bearing, Excavator bearings

by:HMB     2021-01-21

angular contact ball bearing used in a variety of applications and devices, but the excavator bearings are specially design and development of long-term high radial and axial load. There are three types of angular contact ball bearings, single row bearing, double row bearing, four-point contact ball bearing. In addition to the design and structural differences, also have different applications and performance. Single excavator bearing is used to provide high thrust in one direction and double row bearing with two direction of thrust.

a. Angular contact ball bearing design attribute

angular contact ball bearing consists of inner ring, outer ring, ball and a particular Angle of cage. Due to certain Angle and the geometrical shape of two ring and shoulders excavator bearings angular contact ball bearing axial load capacity is high. Excavator bearing retainer materials, can be in equipment and all kinds of coating properties and durability have very big difference.

2. The classification of the angular contact ball bearings

single row angular contact ball bearing characteristic is high precision. This type of excavator bearings can withstand higher axial and radial load, but due to the limitations of design and structure of single, single row angular contact ball bearings only operate in one direction. Double row angular contact ball bearings, on the other hand, without the restrictions of the design, they can work in both directions of ants. Excavator bearings four-point angular contact ball bearings in 35 degrees, greatly increased its axial load capacity.

in this type of angular contact ball bearings, inner ring is divided into two parts, also like to choose this type of excavator bearing special lubrication, sealing and protection work in extreme environments. Used for angular contact ball bearing is the most commonly used material is stainless steel, brass and steel cage.

3. The application of angular contact ball bearings

with hundreds of model size, they are widely used in industrial equipment from all walks of life.

1。 Agriculture USES

agricultural industrialization need heavy machinery and equipment, such as excavator bearings, angular contact ball bearing with its high performance and high axial and radial load capacity, makes them become the ideal solution of agricultural machinery.

2。 Automotive applications

angular contact ball bearings with single row and double row configuration, these different types of bearings provide different precision level. They are mainly used in automobile industry because of its durability and ability, able to work under harsh environment.

3。 The use of public utilities

excavator bearings manufacturers think due to its high performance and high precision characteristics, high precision angular contact ball bearings can also be used for public utilities.

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