The adjustment of the excavator crawler technique

by:HMB     2021-01-26
1, when construction sites all over the pebbles, caterpillar also had better adjust a bit loose, when walking on the pebble, can avoid crawler plate bending. 2, soft soil, the caterpillar to adjust a bit loose some, the benefits are easy adherent dirt track and track link, in order to prevent due to soil adhesion on the abnormal pressure on the rail link. 3, strong and smooth surface, it is best to track some slightly tight, when hang loose track is too big, can appear the phenomenon of contact with the rack and rack. Track adjustment too tight: if caterpillar tight, walking speed and walking power decline phenomenon. This will not only led to a decline in the efficiency, but due to the large pin and bushing was imposed on the friction caused by abnormal wear and tear. Crawler too loose, the caterpillar loosely draped over the driving wheel and sprocket, wear or damage. Moreover, when hang loose track is too large, contact with the rack rack and injury may occur. In this way, even if is to strengthen the lower part of the body, if not properly adjusted, can also lead to accidental failures occur.
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