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by:HMB     2021-01-22
Excavator is the main conditions engineering construction machinery, widely used in construction, road construction, water conservancy, open-pit mining, and in national defence engineering. Excavator if not timely maintenance may appear all sorts of fault, summarize some frequent excavator excavator accessories manufacturer of some faults and solution.

work to 1 a, excavator, engine power enough, functioning, and excavator operation speed is slow, mining. More than 2, excavator hydraulic pump for the variable plunger pump, working after a certain period of time, the pump internal excavator attachments inevitably produce wear, cause of leakage, the parameter data is not harmonious, lead to flow is insufficient, the oil temperature is too high, speed is slow, does not build high pressure, so slow. Measurements for this kind of problem must be unloaded hydraulic pump, confirm the problem, change cannot continue to use the parts, or repair can continue to use the accessories, reassemble the check on the table after debugging, matching circuit parameters ( Pressure, flow rate, power and variables, etc. ) 。 An important hydraulic components - 3, excavator on multi-channel distribution valve, with the main safety valve, the secondary valve, relief valve, oil valve, etc. If these valve set pressure can not meet the standard is unable to lead to mining. In addition, if the valve stem and valve hole clearance is too large, because of the wear between the valve stem return incomplete, directional control does not reach the designated position, is a large number of internal leakage, causing shortages of flow speed is slow. Such issues shall be unloaded multi-channel distribution valve to test bench for debugging, reset all the pressure to standard valve, eliminate the clearance between the valve stem and valve hole.

4, imported excavator hydraulic pump are equipped with pilot gear pump, the pump is mainly involved in hydraulic pump variable and oil as the forerunner to open the multi-channel distribution valve stem makes the change. If excessive can't afford to establish a certain pressure or the gear pump gear pump wear and tear on the relief valve set to reach a certain pressure, remain the state of low flow leads to a hydraulic pump, the valve stem can not completely reversing, causing traffic is not enough, action is slow, the pressure is insufficient, mining. For this type of problem, just want to change the guide gear pump or reset the pilot relief valve. 5, cold machine, everything is normal, when the engine slow, mining. Such problems show that heavily damaged internal excavator hydraulic pump parts, must be replaced within the pump parts, and reassembled calibration debugging, debugging on Taiwan. Excavator machine appear the phenomenon of the weak work slowly another primary reason is that the hydraulic oil deterioration, therefore, should pay attention to monitor the hydraulic oil quality, Viscosity, liquidity, and presence of suspended solids, etc. ) , timely replacement of hydraulic oil, can largely avoid the occurrence of such failures.

2, 1, excavators can't start or start difficult electrical system fault engine oil. Start the machine fault repair or replacement to start the machine. Battery power is insufficient, should be promptly to the battery charging at this time, check the battery level, high degree of timely supplement electrolyte to regulations. If you find bad battery charged aging, the battery should be replaced, at the same time pay attention to the daily maintenance battery, don't let the battery via often in a state of loss of electricity. The generator fault repair or replace the generator. Check line and fix line fault. Low pressure oil vapor lock in the oil transfer pump or pump suction, the fuel tank by low pressure oil to the high-pressure pump. If the low pressure oil closed lax, or fuel tank oil level is too low, and tilted vehicle parking and driving, air will enter the oil; If the temperature is high, fuel evaporation, also can form in low pressure oil gas resistance, causing engine working instability, automatically shut down or the engine won't start. 2, the fuel injection pump fault injection pump plunger and delivery valve I wear serious, caused the engine starting difficulty. At this time should be timely replacement plunger and delivery valve couple. 3, the common parts of the oil plug oil plug main fuel tanks in the tubing, the filter, diesel filter, oil vent, etc. The main problem of oil pipe plugging plug is injected with substandard diesel, or sneak in the process of gas impurities. Prevention is key to ensure clean diesel oil and seal oil road, to regular maintenance of oil, to strengthen the cleaning and maintenance of diesel filter, clean or replace filter in time, according to the working environment conditions in a timely manner to cleaning tank, to remove sludge and moisture at the bottom of the tank.

3, 1, digging machine to avoid wandering side wandering if walking in the main valve spring softening or broken, or stuck valve core, are likely to cause the oil pressure is reduced, wandering in walking. Check when walking to measure the main valve oil pressure, normal value is 32. 5Mpa。 If the main valve damage, to be replaced or repaired. 2, hydraulic pump failure usually excavator are adopting double pump, walking wandering is often a pump failure, the most simple judgment method is: will the two high pressure of the hydraulic pump switch flowline, if the original slow faster, fast slow, original certificate of a pump failure. Excluded methods: hydraulic pump, replacement of damaged parts, and then to test bench debugging.

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