Teach you how to distinguish between diesel of true or false

by:HMB     2021-01-25
Engineering machinery product is mixed on the market, the fake and shoddy construction machinery oil and diesel fuel is more, summarized here about distinguish the diesel authenticity of several engineering machinery experience, hoping to provide reference for the masses of users in the oil when the choose and buy. Common and inferior diesel oil has two kinds: one is the oil dealers from private oil field at low prices, these small production of diesel oil is normally not meet national standards; The second is to sell after buy diesel himself against the water, the oil tend to be more big to the harm of the machine. See color: qualified diesel to clear, transparent, color is light yellow commonly slant green or yellow. If discover turbidity is not clear, or dark, partial black, colorless, are not qualified. Smell: qualified diesel oil nothing and pungent smell, unqualified diesel besides diesel original taste will smell bad. Shake: transparent glass loading a small amount of diesel oil, and then shake, qualified diesel will appear a lot of bubble and dissipate quickly. Let stand watch: transparent glass loading a small amount of diesel, let stand 1 - Observed after 2 minutes. Qualified diesel won't appear impurities and sediment, observation have diesel oil mixed with water, Diesel oil density less than water, the water blending diesel let stand and water is obvious after fault, it is easy to see. )
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