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by:HMB     2021-01-16

【 Bucket axis 】

in order to speed up to establish dominant standards set by the government and the market independent standards set by the coordinated development and coordination of form a complete set of new standard system, promote the industrial standardization work orderly and healthy development of the telecommunication industry groups recently, the ministry issued the implementation opinions for the development of industrial communications group standards '( Hereinafter referred to as 'opinions') 。

'opinions' clearly put forward the development of the telecommunication industry group China over the next three years industry standard target:

in 2020, the industrial standardization of telecommunication industry group the basic working mechanisms, significantly enhance market recognition in the group standards. In the field of high degree of market-oriented, technology innovation activity to develop a batch of advanced technical level, internationally competitive group standard application demonstration projects, helped create a higher visibility and influence of group standard setting bodies.

'opinions' put forward, from four aspects to create a good environment for group standards development actively, encourage society, associations, Chambers of commerce, federation, social groups such as the industry technology alliance make full beyond technical indexes or yan in the national standards, industry standards group standards, standards for groups fill the blank of the national standards, industry standards. Specific measures are as follows:

a group, set up standards to demonstrate the application. Encourage local industry departments, social organizations and other groups declared standard application demonstration project. According to the & other; Voluntary reporting, industry, or local recommendation, expert evaluation, social public & throughout; Work procedures, such as regular selected good application effect, high technical level, strong market competitiveness, social influence large groups of standard application demonstration project and publish to the society, support in the industry within the scope of application, make the group standard application demonstration projects become synonymous with high quality, leading the development of related industry.

2, inter alia, exploring group standard mechanism. Push in such aspects as industrial policy, industrial planning the group standard, encourage the national standards, industry standards and standard reference groups, expand the social influence of group standards. Mechanism of creating groups into industry standard, clear transformation conditions and procedures, support the implementation of the technical level is high, the effect is good, belongs to the industry development in key areas of group into the industry standard. Open social organizations to participate in the activities of the international standardization of channels, and encourages groups for reference standard to international standard proposal, and participate in the international standards.

3 and optimizing the existing standard of architecture. To further clarify the boundaries between industry and community standards and relationships. Define major industry standard in key technologies, products and services, and basic public welfare domain, gradually reduce the general technology, product and service standards. Development direction of technology changes quickly, it is not clear in key areas, support related social groups early in group standard formulation and implementation, and to explore for the establishment of industry standard road, accumulate experience.

4 standard of social supervision, support groups. Encourage social groups in the standardization work in consciously accept social supervision, from the legitimacy, compliance, advanced support relevant professional organizations, international and influence, such as Angle, independently conduct group standard technology and effect evaluation, provide the reference for the market.

'opinion' special emphasis, will increase funding to support the group standards, are pushing for groups standard application demonstration projects, inter alia, standard for the key work such as certain funds to support, guide the social groups increased funding in group standard. Encouraging local department in charge of industry and information technology to set up special funds, support group standards, implementation and evaluation.

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