Summer excavator accessories overhaul, the excavator hydraulic pump wear?

by:HMB     2021-01-14
In recent days, the temperature has been increased, and some engineering in the high temperature period will choose to shut down for the summer. This period might as well to repair the parts excavator attachments, if there are any damaged change in time, in maintenance as found excavator hydraulic pump wear how to deal with? Excavator accessories factory today to discuss with you about how to solve the excavator hydraulic pump wear.

excavator hydraulic pump wear after we according to the following three points to find the cause of the problem, and to improve the system: ( 1) Check the movable arm oil cylinder of leakage. The easiest way is, the rising of the movable arm to see if it has obvious free fall. If the whereabouts of obvious disassemble cylinder to check, the excavator accessories sealing ring must be changed if already wear. ( 2) Check the control valve. First cleaning the relief valve, check valve core wear, such as wear should be replaced. Safety valve is installed if still no change, check control valve abrasion of valve core, its clearance generally use limit of 0. 6 mm, badly worn should be replaced. ( 3) Measuring the pressure of excavator hydraulic pump. If pressure is low, the adjustment, and pressure is still not up, the hydraulic pump serious wear and tear.

in general, the main cause of movable arm belt load cannot ascend as: ( 1) Excavator hydraulic pump serious wear and tear. Serious leakage inside when the pump at a low speed; High-speed operation, the pump pressure is slightly increased, but due to the wear and inner drainage pump, a significant reduction in the volume efficiency, it is difficult to achieve the rated pressure. Hydraulic pump to work long hours and contributed to the wear and high oil temperature rise, the resulting hydraulic excavator parts wear and seal aging, damage, loss of seal ability, hydraulic oil deterioration, resulting in failure. ( 2) Hydraulic components selection is not reasonable. Movable arm oil cylinder non-standard specifications for 70/40 series, also for non-standard seal, high manufacturing costs and inconvenience seal replacement. Movable arm oil cylinder bore little, it is bound to make the system setting pressure is high. ( 3) Hydraulic system design is not reasonable. Control valve and hydraulic steering gear for the single pump in series, the relief valve setting pressure points and 16 mpa, and the rated pressure of excavator hydraulic pump also for 16 mpa. Hydraulic pump in full load or overload for a long time (often High pressure) Work, and the system has a hydraulic impact, not an oil change for a long time, the hydraulic oil contamination, increase hydraulic pump wear, so that the hydraulic pump shell burst ( After found this kind of failure) 。

improvement and effect ( l) To improve the hydraulic system design. After much argument, finally USES the advanced form of priority valve and load sensing hydraulic steering,. New system can in accordance with the requirements for steering, give the distribution of flow, regardless of the load size, the steering wheel rotation speed to ensure oil supply is adequate, the rest can be used all the work device of the supply circuit, thereby eliminating the loss caused by steering loop oil supply too much power, improve the efficiency of the system, reduces the excavator hydraulic pump working pressure. ( 2) Optimization design of movable arm oil cylinder and the hydraulic pump model, reduce the system pressure of work. Through optimizing calculation, movable arm 80/4 cylinder with a standard series. Hydraulic pump displacement from 10 ml/r is 14 ml/r, system setting pressure for 14 mpa, met the movable arm oil cylinder lifting force and speed requirements. ( 3) In use process should also pay attention to the correct use and maintenance excavator, add or replace the hydraulic oil regularly, maintain the cleanliness of hydraulic oil, strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance, replacement of damaged excavator accessories in time. 【 Mechanical 】 Some information from the Internet, and strive to secure timely, accurate, aims to deliver more information, does not represent the views or responsibility for their authenticity. If this net reprint information involves the issues such as copyright, please contact with this net.

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