Steel coal production capacity to annual target has overfulfilled

by:HMB     2021-01-22

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the National Bureau of Statistics spokesman Mao Shengyong 14 in the scio briefing to introduce, in November, the national economy continued to maintain stability in the positive development situation, production steady growth of demand, prices generally stable employment, optimize the economic structure, quality of continued ascension.

according to data released the same day, the steady growth of industrial production, in November, the national industrial output compared with the actual growth of 6. Growth rate than last month, 1% down 0. 1%. Services continued rapid growth in November, the national service industry production index rose 7. Growth rate than last month, 8% down 0. 2%.

statistics show that in November, fixed assets investment in the slow stabilised, adjusting and optimizing investment structure. From January to November, the national investment in fixed assets rose 7. 2%, slower than dropped October 1 to 0. 1%. Among them, the manufacturing industry investment structure optimization, obviously compared with 15 high technology manufacturing investment. Increase 9%, more than a year ago. 4%, energy-intensive manufacturing investment by 2. 3%. In addition, real estate development investment growth slipped a bit.

the data also show that in November, total retail sales of social consumer goods grew 10. 2%, grow faster than last month, 0. 2%.

at the same time, supply side structural reform continued to deepen. Statistics show that the iron and steel, coal production capacity to annual target has overfulfilled. In late November, the area of commercial housing sale fell 13. 7% decline than late last month to expand 0. 4%. From January to November, ecological protection and environmental governance industry, public facilities management, agricultural investment growth faster than all 16 respectively. 4, 16. 1 and 9. 4%.

' On the whole, the steady growth of national economy in November to the good development momentum, shows a strong stability and resilience. But also want to see, still more external risk variables, the challenge in the development of high quality is still larger. ” Mao Shengyong, said the next stage, we should deepen the reform of the supply side structural, make overall steady growth, promoting the reform, restructuring, livelihood, prevent risk, promote the sustainable and healthy economic and social development.

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