Start the motor to bad precursors _CTP carter imported accessories

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Starter is broken with the first symptom is: starter operation harsh voice; Starter drive gear does not turn, start the machine won't work; Insufficient starter motor output to drive the crankshaft in the car started, such as starter magnetic switch contact ablation, can lead to magnetic coil not suck, start the machine with no rotation. Starter one-way meshing is damaged, the motor idling. Meshing of stroke or magnetic switch conduction time of power supply is not correct, cause the starter gear can't and flywheel ring gear meshing. Brush wear serious, brush spring pressure is too small, the commutator surface ablation or serious smudgy, local short starter magnetic field coil, start the chance to work. Start the machine troubleshooting ruled out 1, on the start switch, starter at high speed, the engine crankshaft is not responding. This phenomenon shows that on the starter drive gear failure, this may be the drive gear or one-way clutch wear lead |. 2, starter does not work, and drive gear does not rotate. The causes of this situation are many, such as the power cord, starting switch contactor ablation and engine too much resistance is too large. 3, starter power output is insufficient, can't drive the crankshaft. The excitation coil short circuit and battery power loss may result in starter power shortage. 4, starter sounds very harsh. This may be a blocked a one-way clutch or incorrect starter install | bow. 5, during a start switch & other; Doodle & throughout; Sound, but doesn't work. This may be caused by coil disconnect or severely depleted battery. Common faults of starter and the solution 1, starter drive gear does not turn, start the machine won't work. When this happens, the causes of usually is much also, it is possible that damage to the battery, the kinetic energy is insufficient, caused by damage to the battery to the starter parts circuit, it is possible that the starting switch contact plate of ablation, engine resistance is too large, or the direct damage caused by the starter. When faced with this situation, we first need to preliminary diagnosis - - Why not start to do the corresponding processing. If the line is damaged, repair fine lines; If the battery is good, change the battery; If is the starting switch contact disc ablation, engine resistance is too large or burned directly start the machine, you need to the corresponding maintenance station. No 2, starter motor output to drive the crankshaft. When this happens, show the starter in the movement, but slow motion, unable to drive the crankshaft. Mostly cause of excitation coil short circuit and battery electric starter can trigger underpowered, do the corresponding processing. 3, after starting to switch, starter at high speed and can't start the engine, the reason of this kind of circumstance appeared on the transmission mechanism, it is possible that drive gear or one-way clutch wear. 4, starter operation cacophony. This kind of situation is likely to be a one-way clutch jammed or improper installation of the starter motor.
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