Some knowledge concerning the excavator oil change you know?

by:HMB     2021-01-30
Believe everyone is familiar with, every day to check diesel oil-water separator, butter, replace the engine oil, machine filter every 250 hours, 500 hours to replace wood, oil-water separator filter, hydraulic oil filter, etc. , of course, different aircraft maintenance time, some differences shall be conducted in accordance with the manual is ok, but an oil change does it all really? Believe they have done to maintain the boss knows, an oil change is not put the oil to add a screw so simple, what to buy brand models of engine oil? The oil label is higher, the better? When change? How much? These problems only yourself understand, today's article, talking about these problems. The higher the grade of the oil quality is better? Everybody to buy oil if there will be a feeling of dazzling? Anyway, small make up in the early years to buy a oil is like this, looking at a bunch of colourful bottle on the shelf, only know a brand, I don't know what do you mean punch in a bunch of Numbers and letters, a meal in a shop assistant & other; Fool & throughout; After spending a few hundred oceans carrying a bucket of oil alacrity in home, thought oneself special professional! Judges of a look and said I was fooled, said you whether the oil is true or not buy expensive things, single model can buy wrong. It is not necessary to use this high grade engine oil, then oil also study hard knowledge, no longer afraid of being fooled! General motor oil on the outer packing contains information such as brand, label, capacity, brand is not much said, choose brands than small plant, capacity according to their own engine manual annotation just buy some spare capacity, is this label is worth said said. The oil label two parts including classification and viscosity specifications. Oil classification using a combination of two letters said. “ S” Beginning on behalf of gasoline engine oil series, the general specification in turn by the SA to SN ( In alphabetical order, but there is no SI) Increasing, each a letter, the performance of the engine oil will be better than the former, there will be more used to protect the engine in the oil additives; Letters, the more, the higher quality grades, international brands more than the oil level in the SF level is above. “ C” Beginning series represents a diesel engine oil. If & other; S” And & other C” Exists two letters at the same time, it is said that the oil vapor for wood is universal. Oil grade letter meaning in addition to the classification and a string of more common letters, such as 15 w - 30, I believe that the meaning of this letter has baffled many people, including letters & other; W” Said winter ( Winter initials) , the front of the smaller number of engine oil low temperature fluidity, the better, on behalf of the environment temperature is lower, that can be used on the engine during cold start protection ability, the better, such as 10 w on behalf of the external temperature - resistant 25° C, good low temperature resistance and 20 w - 15° C。 W at the back of the Numbers for the kinematic viscosity of the oil at 100 ℃, the higher the value shows that the higher the viscosity. On behalf of 40 to 100 degrees Celsius kinematic viscosity standard for 12. Was/s of 5 and 16. 3 was between a/s, is not some anecdotal story 'can be used under 40 ℃. See this is a bit dizzy, oil label meaning to say some of the more popular, in the northeast region, xinjiang, Tibet, it is recommended to use more sparse 5 w series oil, low temperature cold regions such as north and south polar, engine oil even with 0 w series. North China, east China, south China region, it is recommended to use normal 5 w - Or 10 w - 30/40 30/40 of the oil. This extremely hot in hainan area, it is recommended to use 40 or 50 oil, high temperature resistance is a must. According to their own areas of demand to buy the right motor oil is ok, it is not necessary to buy high grade engine oil. The oil and the more the better? Occasionally heard some people said to excavator oil change give me a few more, I'm a little burn excavator oil, province I added. So every time oil this how much? The more the better? General excavator cab glass or a list will be posted on the door, this list is labeled with the aircraft engine oil filling quantity, according to the quantity of oil filling. In addition, excavator engine have the oil feet, less as far as possible when filling the oil added multiple times, add some wait for a minute or so after pull oil feet out to see if the current oil bit between oil scale calibration, add can avoid too much oil to join points many times, the oil level in oil feet calibration can be between up and down. So what is the harm too much oil to join? Too much oil can reduce the engine power output. Engine crankshaft, connecting rod big end handle at work will be rapid movement, then the oil too much, crankshaft, connecting rod handle can produce vigorous agitation. Crankshaft, connecting rod handle stirring oil will cost a certain amount of energy, this potentially resulting in a loss of the engine power output, also increase fuel consumption. The oil too much easy to damage the oil seal, oil spill. Too much oil, engine oil pressure will rise, the impact on the oil seal, shorten the service life of oil seal, engine oil. Oil is the engine & other; Blood throughout the &; , it can protect the engine, make engine life more outside for a long time, still can reduce the probability of engine failure, and save the cost of fuel. Of course, if use undeserved, may also cause excavator failure, increase fuel consumption, shorten service life.
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