Some improper practices, excavator parts caterpillar damage

by:HMB     2021-01-19
Excavators in general are in serious bad environment construction, loose caterpillar, damage and fracture failure is inevitable, what are the causes of the excavator attachments caterpillar damage? With small make up to look at! 1. Driving on uneven road surface when excavator market to calculate t engineering design work area are generally through the uneven road surface, in this terrain conditions, the crawler walking drivers route mismanagement, the body weight and so on, can make local dip drivers, local pressure grows, the caterpillar local damage will cause a certain degree. 2. Improper operation method, the turn when excavator in turn, one side the crawler walk, the other side of the track, there is a substantial rotation direction, if the tracks were raised on the ground part of the block, the track on one side of the card to the rotation, tracked a tear easily. 3. Long road to walk, excavators can not like car, driving on the highway for a long time, tractor driver need to pay special attention to point, crawler excavators can't walk normally activity time is too long, not only may be able to track caused great damage, damage to roads. Therefore, the process of walking mobile excavator must fully grasp a degree. Long distance must be checked. 4. Not timely and effective clean the treads in the rubble, crawler excavator working or moves, there will be some gravel or mud into the track, if walking in front is not clear in time, gravel etc. Will be squeezed with caterpillar turn between the driving wheel, guide wheel and track, time is long can make the drivers loose track, can also lead to the phenomenon such as caterpillar rupture. 5. Excavator parked way is not scientific and reasonable, crawler excavator parked cannot ambiguous, also must be parked in the flat, if TingFangDe rugged, will cause the excavator crawler stress distribution, one side of the tracks to withstand larger quantity, it is easy to caused by stress is relatively concentrated resources excavator attachments caterpillar is pulled or fractures. Crawler excavator use need to pay attention to place, you get here?

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