Smoke shop town pass 'of China bearing trade' the honorary title of expert review

by:HMB     2021-01-12

on November 3, mechanical and electrical products bearing the circulation circulation association professional committee of China Zhang Jianye rate expert review group, the town of smoke shops & other; Throughout China bearing of trade &; The honorary title of retrial. Accompanied by the municipal government deputy secretary of qing-rui wang activities.

Zhang Jianye President in his speech, pointed out that want to smoke shop town cherish the honor, to speed up the bearings market transition work progress. China bearing circulation circulation association professional committee of mechanical and electronic products should be strengthened and smoke shops in the town of strategic cooperation, in order to promote the development of Chinese bearing industry to make due contributions.

review meeting, qing-rui wang introduced the basic situation of linqing city and economic and social development situation, on behalf of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government to review the experts group to extend our warm welcome. Smoke shop town officials reported smoke shop town bearing market transformation and upgrading and bearing industry development situation. Bearing industry association secretary-general Zhang Jiangsheng in heilongjiang province, shandong province, dean of the school of industrial and commercial college logistics management such as MuQingGuo expert review group respectively for comments, questions, questions. Panels that smoke shop town closely around & other; Throughout China bearing of trade &; Work positioning, promote the bearing trade industry, tobacco shop bearing market has become in the nation's strong influence bearing base, to promote the surrounding and even the development of the national bearing trade played an important role in agreed to smoke shop in town by & other; Throughout China bearing of trade &; Review.

in 2013, the town was awarded the tobacco shop & other; Throughout China bearing of trade &; The title. In 2016, the town of smoke shops smoothly passed & other; Throughout China bearing of trade &; The first review. This year, in line with & other; Promoting the development in audit & throughout; Principle, the expert review group was carried out on the town of smoke shop to review again. Review group successively to rui xin bearings, yu jie bearing, bothe ha axis bearing company and smoke shops bearing market, luoyang, people-oriented companies, such as direct marketing, on-the-spot investigation about tobacco shop town bearing circulation and processing and manufacturing.

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