Small excavator attachment, 'role & quot; conversion

by:HMB     2021-01-21
Small excavators can say more press close to life, you will often see. The reason for this is that they can easily use the generic transport vehicles to ferry. Small excavator benefit from the cabinet body, the main urban become the ideal equipment of earthwork engineering application. It another noun called multi-function, because it not only has a bucket, you can also add with broken hammer, used for broken ground, housing demolition. Add with spiral drill can be used to spin buffalos in gardens, a good helper of afforestation. Excavator accessories manufacturers today with everyone to understand the multiple roles of small excavators. Role conversion and need a variety of auxiliary equipment, excavators accessories today small make up take you to understand some of small excavators accessory device. 1, quick connector fast even machine and rapid joint, joint or fast converting it is specially used to quickly switch broken hammer ( Or other equipment) And digging bucket. Generally an un-experienced operator switch gear can switch over time can't more than 30 seconds, in the past without a quick connector, replacement of equipment, more than two people also need to be 40 to 60 minutes. 2, broken hammer hammer and hydraulic broken, broken hammer in the south is also called the gun head, it is mainly used for mining ore mining and demolition of concrete. Hydraulic power source is broken hammer excavator or loader pump station provides pressure oil, it can more effectively in the role of building foundation in mining clear floating rocks and crack in the rock soil. 3, hydraulic shears, hydraulic shear and hydraulic clamp, this equipment is mainly used in the demolition of a building, a much higher efficiency than the hammer. 4, scarifier scarifier and cracked soil, it is mainly used to fossil wind construction, working condition of layered use, digging bucket digging up effort, broken hammer and a little easy to waste, then use the scarifier will greatly improve the efficiency of construction, first with the scarifier soil or wind fossil bed separation, and then use quick connector digging bucket loading switch. 5, grasp wood wood or wood machine, divided into hydraulic, scratching wood and mechanical wood, hydraulic grab wood and grasp wood and stationary hydraulic rotary wood. Wood grabber after redesign of the claws and changes can be used to catch stone and scrap steel, mainly used to grab the wood and bamboo, loading and unloading car is very fast and convenient. 6, hydraulic ram, hydraulic ram and vibration ram or rammer, strengthen the high efficiency, reliable performance is good, automation degree is high, low pollution and low energy consumption. In highway subgrade compaction, subgrade compactness and strength tester, cement pavement regeneration, airports, such as dam construction played an important role in the construction field. 7, spiral drill screw drill is mainly used for landscape beautification, digging a well drilling, drill hole to plant trees, coal pillar drilling sampling, foundation, bridge columns with deep gallery and mine, deep hole drilling and wind turbines stand, pole hole ( Hole) The drill. Along with the rising labor costs and to improve the construction quality, efficiency requirements, and other Mining machinery + apparels & throughout; This low cost, high efficiency and professional construction way will be more and more end user acceptance. Small excavators with multiple functions of medium-sized excavators, but also has convenient transportation, low fuel consumption, high flexibility, wide applicable range, high efficiency, excavator accessories maintenance replacement of advantages, such as applicable to the construction site work in the narrow space very much!

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