Skill sharing: costs 20 yuan, completely solve excavator parts bucket sticky mud problem!

by:HMB     2021-01-20

in the south of the work of master excavators are often a problem, that is love sticky mud bucket. Especially in paddy fields, drains near work, especially easy to adhere to the bucket on the wet clay, not only affects the mining capacity of bucket, also it is difficult to get rid of. out a move for everyone today, only slightly modified can get rid of the ills of bucket love sticky mud.

this method is very simple, is to look for two thick huggers, four chain head welding on the bucket four angles, can loose the chains of inside the bucket, so it can prevent the bucket sticky mud.

the principle is simple: when the bucket shovel mud, can prevent dirt and loose chain excavator accessories bucket wall joint is too tight, leave some gap between soil and bucket wall, avoid forming inside the vacuum. When the bucket sling mud, because the gap between destroy the negative pressure, the soil out of the bucket wall easily.

if there is a part of the soil adhesion on the bucket, the chain moving loose easily knocked off in the surrounding soil, thus keeping the excavator attachments bucket wall clean.

after several friends actual validation, this method is very valid for soft soil. But modified bucket to service a kind of condition, because of the drag chain in demolition, mining and processing dry loose material such as task becomes gild the lily.

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