SK120 excavator section 44 chain plate

by:HMB     2021-01-27
God SK120 excavator steel chain standard is 44 day, pitch: 171 mm, bolt hole: 16. 5 mm, mounting holes distance: 108 mm and 108 mm, the screw used 16 * 53 long. It and SH120 CAT312, and 135 domestic xugong excavators, such as the chain is common. My company sells high quality chain in mines, one year warranty. Chain is belong to the chassis parts, is indispensable to hook walking machine parts, it driven by walking assembly, drive forward or backward before drivers, without it, the mechanical performance is greatly reduced. Chassis parts including chain, chain, roller, drive gear, guide wheel, when tight oil cylinder assembly, etc. , this time we give customers processing is SK120 chain assembly, is the chain plate and chain, with screw connection, reoccupy wind gun matter, for customers to use.
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