Six small, unscrewed the rusty screw drivers and maintenance tips also had a big effect

by:HMB     2021-01-24
Screw is the most excavator attachments, its role is not to be ignored, but in the daily maintenance and maintenance, mining machinist tend to overlook its maintenance. Car of the person all know, the excavator maintenance should start from the details, screw the maintenance and maintenance is also very important. A small make up teach teach you today, how to twist the rusted screws. A, vibration method, this is a tractor driver who wants to remove the rusty screw and the basic methods of the most commonly used, suit to hexagon screws. Knock digging screw vibration, create clearance between screw and the fuselage, then fix the screws, and less laborious. As to why this method is suitable for hexagon screws, because cross easily damaged during tapping screw cross, lead to back off when the difficulty increase. Second, tap water rinse water rinse away from similar to rust remover, because tap water also contains slightly acidic, so can the corrosion rust on the screw, and tap water is more convenient than rust remover. Because rust remover not only expensive, and acid strength, wash immediately after use need to screw on the rust remover, therefore directly with tap water rinse is not only convenient, low cost and more. Three, burning method which USES heat to remove the screw and the surrounding areas, after a period of time, pour cold water on the screws, through the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, let screw remove more convenient. But it is best to parts removed using this method, the direct fire risk coefficient is very large in excavator body, especially near the excavator engine parts, this method must be used carefully. Four, welding method, welding on the screws on a piece of iron or screw, increase the screw torque, can use smaller strength easily unscrewed the screw. Of course, this kind of situation for large area of operation of screw, the screw is too small can not be implemented. Five, the method of removing abandoned screw drill hole, can drill a hole by using drilling rig in the middle of the screw, the screw loose down very quickly, after disassembly is very convenient. And, of course, this approach requires a certain precision, if mining machinist conditional word, can choose this method. Six, lubrication by deep formed between the screw and the fuselage diesel lubrication effect, thus reduce the friction force screw screwed down, easy to screw down the screws. But should dwell on a small make up, the tractor driver using diesel lubrication effect is good, but the diesel will be in the oil film between the fuselage and screws, therefore infiltration after a certain degree of continued infiltration will be more difficult, so I need a longer infiltration process to make the screw and the fuselage perfect lubrication. At the same time, we must also used engine oil and cooking oil lubrication. Consistency is higher, but the two kinds of oil are more likely to form oil film, so in contrast, is more suitable for diesel or gasoline. Twist screws is one of the most common in our maintenance work steps, so find some tips to make this step is concise and easy, not only can make our work more fast and smooth, more important is to make our work better. Trivial work, after all, is the most frequent, can make this step easier, of course, I'll have unexpected effect.
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