Six easy operation to avoid air conditioning refrigeration system maintenance problems

by:HMB     2021-01-23
1. Often clean the condenser is installed in front of the radiator condenser particularly easy to gather dirt, can lead to bad heat dissipation, often clean the condenser can prevent dirt accumulation. Pay attention not to directly with high pressure water cleaning, otherwise, the high pressure water is very easy to the condenser heat sink down, causing poor air circulation and heat dissipation. 2. V belt check regularly check compressor belt slack, start the air conditioning to see if there are & other; Make & throughout; Noise that belt slippage is serious, should be timely replacement of belt and pulley; If the belt too loose, wear severely affect air conditioning refrigeration, recommend replacing belt. 3. Check cooling device of the pipe connection of the connection part of the oil seep, dirt and dust adhesion situation, appeared penetration to the related parts for replacement, dirt and dust of adhesion is the need for cleaning. 4. Again after long time interval when using the operation of cooling equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection, when starting cooling device, to gradually increase the speed of the compressor. Note that in order to prolong cooling device used term and keep good performance, began to use the recommended to prevent a ship inspection. 5, often do not use the operation whether summer or winter, please install the cooling unit and compressor drive belt, add refrigerant cooling device. 6, when not in use for a long time of operation should be every half a month or a month electricity let compressor work for a period of time, to prevent the effect of the compressor oil seal parts of gas leakage. To maintain the compressor performance and service life.
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