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by:HMB     2021-01-16

excavator bearings manufacturers think machine shaft parts, main shaft, in particular, are general and thrust ball bearing assemble into an organic whole, and rotate at high speed, can sometimes produce high heat. If not promptly eliminate, this phenomenon will cause the angular contact ball bearing overheating, and makes the corresponding parts temperature rise and thermal deformation will occur, serious when they make the main shaft and tail frame range is high, which not only affect the accuracy and machining accuracy of machine tool itself, but also the excavator bearing burn out.

rated fatigue life, refers to a set of same type excavator bearings, under the condition of the same operation, 90% of the angular contact ball bearing is not appear fatigue spalling caused by the total number of turns. When the rotating speed is constant, multi-purpose total run time rated fatigue life.

when research thrust ball bearing life, not only consider the fatigue life, but also according to the excavator bearings should possess the performance of the integrated several use limit to consider. For example, the grease lubrication grease bearing life. Life and wear life, noise, according to different purposes, using different limit benchmark, so, mostly chosen in advance experience.

as a result, only survey angular contact ball bearing damage, damage is hard to come by. The real reason. But, if you know the use of thrust ball bearing machinery, the structure of the surrounding conditions of use, excavator bearings and understand before and after the accident, combined with several damage status and causes of bearing, can prevent the similar accident happen again.

angular contact ball bearing is available, mainly considering excavator bearing damage degree, mechanical properties, importance, and operating conditions, to the next overhaul period. If there are the following defects can't use, must replace the new thrust ball bearing. Inner ring and outer ring, rolling element and cage on any one have crack or gap.

the wear failure is one of the common failure modes of all kinds of bearings, according to the wear and tear is usually divided into one of the most common form of abrasive wear and adhesive wear.

1。 Oil film resistance diagnosis technology

features: can use the same criteria for different working conditions. The surface spalling, indentation and crack the diagnosis of abnormal effect is poor.

application: applicable to the axis of rotation exposed.

2。 Characteristics of vibration diagnosis technology

: vibration diagnosis technology widely used; Can realize on-line monitoring; Diagnosis, diagnosis theory has been mature.

application: especially suitable for angular contact ball bearing in the rotating machinery fault monitoring.

3。 Characteristics of ferrographic diagnosis

: machine without disintegration; Low investment and good effect; Can find excavator oil bearing early fatigue failure; Can do wear mechanism research.

application range: applicable to oil lubrication of angular contact ball bearing fault diagnosis, with grease lubricated bearings is relatively difficult.

4。 Temperature diagnosis technology

features: simple diagnosis; For bearing burn judgment effect is better.

application: simple routine diagnosis of bearing is suitable for the machine.

5。 Optical fiber monitoring and diagnosis technology

features: optical fiber displacement sensor sensitivity; Directly from the excavator oil bearing surface to extract the signal, to improve the signal-to-noise ratio; Can directly reflect the manufacturing quality of angular contact ball bearing, the degree of surface wear, load, lubrication and clearance.

application: suitable for sensor can be installed on the bearing inside the machine.

6。 Characteristics of acoustic emission diagnosis

: diagnosis of quick, easy; Can online monitoring.

application: in recent years the development of new technology, the application is less in the bearing condition monitoring.

by hand take excavator oil bearing, to fully wash hands sweat, and again after coated with high quality mineral oils, especially in the rainy season and summer to pay attention to rust. In some special operating conditions, angular contact ball bearings can get more than the life of the traditional computing, especially in the case of light load. These special operating conditions is, when the rolling surface ( Track and rolling piece) Can be separated by a lubricating oil film effectively and the surface of the limit of pollutants may cause damage. In fact, under ideal conditions, the so-called permanent bearing life is possible.

not allowed powerful punch, are not allowed to use hammer percussion excavator bearings directly, not allowed by transfer roller pressure.

angular contact ball bearing a rotation, inner ring and outer ring raceway surface, with rolling body is rolling contact, as the dark side, thus orbit trajectory are attached to the raceway surface does not belong to abnormal, which can be learned that load conditions, so at the time of removal of excavator oil bearing, please keep close attention and observation on the surface of the raceway. Machinery production and processing all kinds of excavator bearings, for details please consult 13153810108

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