Shandong excavator parts excavator sales growth is expected to August close to 4 into!

by:HMB     2021-01-15

estimated drivers in August sales rose nearly 4: according to the excavator attachments small make up to know, estimated drivers domestic sales rose thirty percent in August, about 10000, plus export about 1. 20000, year-on-year growth of nearly forty percent, higher than previous market expectations. According to our grassroots research in the middle of August, affected by the heat and rain in July, generally start for the traditional off-season, such as sichuan province July rain for 20 days, significantly affect the site construction, since August, the country starts from a significant increase. And according to the excavator accessories manufacturers to communicate with the same situation, several major forms a boot in August hours are up, compared to the same show sales than expected and corresponding work tend to be active. Therefore, we have 9 - Peak season sales are optimistic in October.

stabilised infrastructure growth is expected to rebound, the second half of season market anticipated: at the end of July meeting set the tone of the political bureau of the strengthening infrastructure for short, after countries often also proposed to speed up the 1. 35 trillion local government bond issuance and use of progress, and transportation, oil and gas, telecommunications and other fields to promote a batch is given priority to with private investment, commercial potential big project. Recent represented by transport infrastructure speeding up infrastructure project examination and approval, excavator attachments stabilised small make up is expected in the second half of the infrastructure growth is expected to rebound. According to the communication with the agent and the same situation, widely expected in the second half of this year to the first half of next year, driven in infrastructure projects, the construction machinery industry will maintain a high economic, market is expected in the second half of the season.

environmental protection verification tighter will speed up the update demand release, four countries cut three may promote the early release requirements: July 3, promulgated by the State Council 'win the blue sky battle action plan for three years and points out that to carry out the road mobile machinery fishing expeditions, delineate the way mobile machinery low emission control area, important areas completed before the end of 2019. Recently released the beijing-tianjin-hebei 2018 - and the surrounding area Atmospheric pollution comprehensive treatment crucial action plan in the fall and winter of 2019, Draft) 'Requirement from city to city before the end of December 2018 to complete the road mobile machinery fishing expeditions, delimit and low emission control area, low smoke emission control areas banned such emissions of road mobile machinery, tangshan even to ban the use of the three following discharge standard equipment, and sampling rate of not less than fifty percent per month, for illegal behavior thus punishment in accordance with the law. As all over the country to carry out the defined low emission control area, will increase the demand for emissions standard equipment, part of the excess emissions of equipment will be phased out, this will speed up the update demand release.

in addition, according to the excavator attachments, small make up from industry information of road machinery China four emission standards are likely to begin from January 1, 2020, which banned since 2020 are sold three equipment, products sold to use are not affected. Four equipment due to the relatively Yu Guosan device in terms of cost will increase by about five percent, so there may be demand release, which affects 2019 sales, therefore, excavator accessories manufacturer sales drivers keep optimistic for next year.

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