Shandong excavator parts, engineering machinery industry into so channel quantity and price!

by:HMB     2021-01-18

shandong excavator attachments according to the engineering machinery association, according to data from 2017 domestic excavator sales for 140302, an increase of 99. 5%, sales of truck crane is about 20508, an increase of 119. 22%. Construction perspective, komatsu excavator about 1606 hours of work hours, up 5% from a year earlier. From excavator sales absolute and its growth level, the demand of the current intensity can be with 2009 - In 2011. Present the current demand for tracking down a few characteristics:

( 1) The boom of demand still maintain a relatively high level;

( 2) Current lower inventory inside sales channels;

( 3) Cuhk dig at present is still in a state of out of stock;

( 4) enterprises capacity nervous.

price effect began to spread, industry into so channel quantity and price.

since October 1, 2017, loader in the industry take the lead in starting price increases, then the excavator and concrete machinery products and prices. The demand with so quantity and price trend, we believe that the core reason lies in:

( 1) Micro demand basis to improve, the entire society's growth began to bring negative supply downward trend, but investment growth steadily upward, form & other The scissors & throughout; ;

( 2) Stock equipment gradually clearing, bring the ascension of the stock of equipment utilization and improve profitability;

( 3) Cost factor, driven by steel prices and rubber prices continue to rise, and so did the product price increases.

excavator accessories hydraulic parts capacity bottlenecks, domestic to speed up the replacement process.

from recent excavator accessories hydraulic parts orders and production scheduling of enterprise, since 2017, hydraulic parts enterprises continued ascension, capacity utilization capacity bottleneck is very outstanding. Due to hydraulic parts production capacity, delivery cycle is long, so the hydraulic parts delivery level gradually affected the host enterprise production speed, eventually lead to the terminal part of the product out of stock or delivery cycle longer. Under this background, the domestic excavator accessories hydraulic parts enterprises import substitution.

overseas export speeding up, the benefit from global demand recovery.

2017 years of recovery of the inflection point of global demand, we from caterpillar and komatsu equipment sales growth in the global level as you can see, both engineering machinery and mining equipment, 2017 experienced significant demand recovery, under the guidance of our recovery in global demand, domestic engineering machinery export growth also synchronized amplification, shandong excavator attachments according to the engineering machinery association, according to data from the 2017 excavator export sales to 9672 units, up 32% from a year earlier.

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