Shandong: 50 agricultural mechanization demonstration county in 2020 was built

by:HMB     2021-01-14

【 Shandong excavator attachments

agricultural mechanization is an important sign of agricultural modernization. Shandong will raise major crops fully mechanized production, promote the comprehensive mechanization of agricultural production, improve the quality of agricultural mechanization, increasing the benefit of agricultural mechanization. Recently, the general office of the provincial government issued by the 'about to speed up the old and the new kinetic energy conversion to promote & other; Be satisfactory to both projects & throughout; The opinions of the agricultural mechanization development '( Hereinafter referred to as 'opinions') Pointed out that by 2020, the province built 50 & other; Be satisfactory to both projects & throughout; Agricultural mechanization demonstration county; In 2025, built in the country take the lead and other Be satisfactory to both projects & throughout; Agricultural mechanization demonstration provinces.

according to the 'opinions', our province will be in accordance with the principle of leading the whole process, linkage, the average of three, scientific layout, plan as a whole. Lead all the way, in the province and thorough going efforts to promote mechanization of main crop production process, leading to promote agricultural mechanization healthy development steadily. Three areas, namely, according to the plain area, hilly, city suburb of three kinds of regional characteristics, with emphasis on coordination promote the development of agricultural mechanization. Average simultaneously, that is, at the same time of continuously improve the level of mechanization of farming, synchronized advancement at the beginning of animal husbandry, aquaculture, horticulture or agricultural products processing industry mechanization.

in our province to wheat, corn, peanuts, cotton, potato, garlic and so on six big crops as the main object, with tillage soil preparation, planting, harvesting, plant protection, processing of straw, dry storage as the main direction, other crops, and give attention to two or morethings fishing Lin and mechanization of industry development, improve the main crop production mechanization.

actively promote six forest industry mechanization technology, focus on the part of the labor is more first, mechanical basic mature link breakthroughs. According to the different areas of natural endowment, economic conditions, and factors such as level of mechanization, select suitable agricultural machinery and equipment, crop varieties, industry layout, technical route, efforts to achieve rural industry mechanization development in an all-round way.

at the same time, promoting university-industry cooperation, speed up agricultural mechanization equipment technology research and development, innovation and demonstration promotion, point breakthrough to stimulate the overall improvement. Establish and improve the agricultural machinery product quality, quality of operation, maintenance quality standard system, encourage existing machinery installed, the new factory is equipped with homework quality monitoring equipment, policy-related subsidies operation project, in principle, should be equipped with operation quality monitoring equipment.

in accordance with the 'opinions', our province will implement optimization of agricultural machinery and equipment engineering, agricultural machinery technology promotion, scale operation to promote engineering, agricultural machinery service subject cultivation project, & other; Wisdom of agricultural machinery & throughout; Construction engineering, agricultural machinery talents cultivation project, farm machinery safety in production security engineering, agricultural mechanization promotion public services such as the eight engineering. Among them, & other; Wisdom of agricultural machinery & throughout; Construction project to the Internet, the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and other information technology to upgrade the agricultural mechanization, promoting informationization and agricultural machinery and equipment, production, management, service depth fusion, digital precision, intelligent equipment and operation management and services online. The construction of intelligent agricultural machinery equipment technology innovation center. Promote in large tractor, combine, deep loose the key equipment such as machine loading on beidou navigation, intelligent monitoring equipment, improve agricultural machinery and equipment information collection, intelligent decision-making and accurate operation ability. Construction of the comprehensive management of agricultural mechanization service platform, agricultural machinery management, the market docking, machine scheduling, such as service information service. Farm machinery manufacturing enterprises, agricultural leading enterprises such as establishment of demonstration farm mechanization information fusion.

according to the 'opinions' deployment, agricultural machinery talents cultivation project will implement the strategy of talent strong machine, through the enterprise linkage, enterprises, establishing agricultural machinery talents training practice base, make a accurate grasp the development trend of agricultural mechanization, scientific and technological literacy to work hard, ability to develop strong management cadres and build a reasonable structure, proficient business and agricultural mechanization of agricultural machinery technology talented person troop, cultivate a group of proficient in both agricultural machinery driving and maintenance technology, and agriculture, agricultural cultivation techniques, agricultural machinery management will again at the same time new NongJiShou farm machinery operators, professional, cooperative leaders. Actively carry out agricultural machinery maintenance, driving operating vocational skills competitions, select good study and cultivate a batch of love farm machinery, the craft fine & other; Agricultural machinery craftsmen & throughout; 。

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