Shaft manufacturer: bucket loader to return to work before starting, be sure to do it!

by:HMB     2021-01-15
Affected by the epidemic, shutdown for a long time, prolonged loader parked. Because it is unexpected outbreak, most teacher wasn't ready for long-term stagnation, small make up remind everybody in the shaft manufacturer must be ready before starting inspection:

before use to check the oil 1, of the bucket axis lubrication point of butter filling for inspection, pay special attention to usual butter filling low frequency part, such as: shaft, 30 models before and after the bridge converter to vice frame transmission shaft, pin shaft, engine fan, hood pin shaft and manipulation of the hidden part of flexible shaft. 2, the fuel injection quantity inspection, pay attention to the fuel quality inspection process with and without metamorphism, diesel filter water is clean, if necessary, replace the fuel filter. 3, the hydraulic oil filling quantity check, check metamorphic process observed hydraulic oil. 4, gearbox oil level check, check whether process observed hydraulic oil metamorphism ( Oil-water mixture has milk-white, or oil level is too high) 。 5, engine cooling fluid filling quantity inspection, inspection process did watch coolant metamorphism ( Oil and water mixture has milk-white) , tank whether network congestion, shaft manufacturer recommended cleaning when necessary.

6, engine oil filling quantity check, ensure the oil oil level within the scope of the standard, check whether process observed oil metamorphism ( Presence of oil-water mixture phenomenon occurring, white) 。 7, the brake fluid filling quantity inspection, pay attention to the braking system of pipeline inspection process, brake pliers in presence of leakage phenomenon, the moisture inside the punching bag is all empty. 8, inspection on air filter, remove the filter to remove dust and replaced when necessary. Loader startup check before and after 1, before the start of a circle around the machine, check whether there is any obvious defect on loader with accessibility and look around. 2, insert boot key, turned to a position, observe whether the instrument work is normal, whether the battery power is enough, the low pressure alarm is normal.

3, start the engine idle speed condition normal, check whether the indicator in the instrument numerical The pressure gauge indicating value can satisfy the use requirement, trouble-free code display) 。 4, parking brake validity checking and, if necessary, to adjust. 5, check the engine exhaust smoke color is normal, do you have any abnormal sound. 6, turn the steering wheel and check if there is something wrong, there is no ring. 7, manipulation of the movable arm, bucket check, ensure the manipulation process ran smoothly without binding, no ring, loaded with butter when necessary.

loader walking check 1, inspection on each gear loader, shifting operation is fluent, without card lag phenomenon, if there is a sound the walking process. 2, check the braking effect and walking around on waste in the process of braking, check whether the braking effect is meet the requirements, ensure that each brake effectively, to exhaust brake line when necessary. A circle around the machine again after 3, stop, check again the brake pipe, hydraulic pipe, walking speed, the power system with and without leakage phenomenon. Bucket shaft manufacturer and everyone expects outbreaks in the past, to return to work smoothly!

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