Rubber tracks matters that should pay attention to use

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Short-term storage when exposed to direct sunlight don't let the rubber tracks, loose packing storage for a long time, wash away dirt and debris after dry in the sun or rain. Installation: the crawler tension ( The tension of rubber tracks is extremely important to the life and performance) , the tension is too small, easy to disconnect, easy to cause the damage of basically has: when moving or turning, such as roller or roller pressure on the tooth orientation Angle iron, caterpillar will fall off; When the treads out guide can make the iron teeth out, thus got stuck chassis steel cord cut off; Due to roller or idler roller compaction at the orientation Angle iron teeth make wire pull too tight or got stuck chassis and external things bite caused by wire cut off; Due to the reverse bending now like a caterpillar got stuck chassis and damaged easily. Tension is too large, will cause the machine, power loss due to the partial pressure, make the drive wheels, and accelerated iron tooth wear, excessive tension steel cord pitch disorders B. Cause tracked the outside of the tiny cracks occurred; Because of the roller and roller resistance makes the machine does not meet the normal traction; Such as steel wire tension is too large, when biting a foreign body leads to track overlap parts wire sliding track or steel wire tensile long; When the stones or between foreign body into the rubber tracks and chassis, excessive tension will fold the wire cut. Rubber tracks of driving machine, drivers respond to ground conditions take preventive measures, otherwise it will shorten the service life of rubber tracks. Please do not drive in is full of cornerstone, rod, broken steel pieces and content of pavement, also don't force driving span larger hole. Please do not drive in rivers, coast or uneven road surface, otherwise it will lead to take damage, iron tooth fracture. Please do not make the crawler unilateral fall to the ground, otherwise it will lead to take damage, iron tooth fracture. When caterpillar on fuel, oil or paint to erase immediately, after saline-alkali land job to clean the treads, otherwise cause iron teeth corrosion or fall off.
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