Road construction machinery branch 2017 annual meeting was held in xi 'an!

by:HMB     2021-01-16

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on December 8, 2017, China construction machinery industry association construction machinery branch ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Road construction machinery branch & throughout; ) The 2017 annual meeting was held in xi 'an and second four directors meeting.

the meeting

China construction machinery industry association executive vice President and secretary general Su Zimeng, road construction machinery branch of jun-jie sun engineering machinery and the secretary-general Zhang Xinong, vice President of changan university, dean of the school of Hu Yongbiao, deputy head of the west is built xiang-yang Yang, vice chairman of the board of directors/general manager liao GuanQiSheng group chairman, vice chairman of high group chairman ting-guo liu, deputy secretary-general Hu Zhimei, vice secretary general and road machinery network party sword play, the secretariat office director liu hong, general manager of leadership and industry enterprises, such as association member unit representatives to attend the meeting. Meeting shall be presided over by turn, deputy general manager of China road machinery network feng.

China construction machinery industry association executive vice President and secretary general Su Zimeng address

China construction machinery industry association executive vice President and secretary general Su Zimeng for road construction machinery branch work and effort, the delegates to extend a warm welcome, and through the road construction machinery branch of shortages in the country to build machinery industry colleagues on all fronts struggle sincere greetings.

the meeting invited some experts to the directors, they are two male office supplies equipment everywhere in long wang, China in turbine municipal group equipment supplies department of shanxi in the executive director of high speed regulation rui-qing wang, yao looked, Inner Mongolia hing company Wang Yuxiang, hebei taihang mountain highway administration, senior engineer, general manager of kuo-yen Chen, henan highway engineering equipment management department chief Yan Lei, fujian highway bureau, a senior engineer in the song dynasty and Ming Chen, director of the institute in west building maintenance hai-ping feng, ningxia yinchuan Xu Zicheng transport for senior engineer, picks, jiangsu road jia-chun li, director of the institute, etc.

road-building machinery branch secretary general zhang west farming the road-building machinery branch 2017 work report

road-building machinery branch Zhang Xinong secretary-general made the road construction machinery branch work report in 2017. Zhang Xinong secretary general is divided into nine parts branch are introduced main work in 2017, vocational education and training in the industry and skill appraisal, standardization, asphalt mixing equipment summit, industry information statistics, the branch organization construction, branch of the financial situation, the branch of publicity and information service, and the existing problems and so on, objective pertinently work during the year are summarized and a brief introduction of the emphases and the plan for next year's instructions. Council members and delegates for branch secretariat work fully affirmation, Su Zimeng secretary-general also gave praise and encouragement. Meeting also passed two bills, one is green machinery, yingda heat regeneration and henan high three promoted to the second session of the council, vice President of units, 2 it is in the downstream industry chain enterprises in the industry, development of absorbed high attention of mechanical equipment engineering construction enterprise to enter society.

road-building machinery branch of masterpiece Sun Jun summing-up

the road-building machinery branch jun-jie sun President has done about the 2nd council elections report for advice and comments. Meeting to instruct the secretariat shall, in accordance with the section work regulations, ask for each director unit and director of the opinions and Suggestions, apply to the always after summary and work plan, prepared for the general election meeting.

the unity, efficient, compact and practical. At the end of the 4th council meeting of the two, the delegates will attend by road construction machinery branch and hydraulic technology branch of China construction machinery institute organized industry technology exchange meeting, discuss the development of the industry the latest technology and development.

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