Replacement of excavator hydraulic oil clever way, hurry to collect

by:HMB     2021-01-13
Excavator use goes on an overhaul after a certain period of time, can choose in the hydraulic oil during overhaul. So, how to replace the hydraulic oil, excavator attachments manufacturer summarize some change some methods of excavator hydraulic oil, hurry to collect! Excavator to replace tradition is nothing but take out the hydraulic oil tank of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil, replace the hydraulic oil filter, then inject new hydraulic oil. This method can replace 48% of hydraulic oil from the system. And 52% of the remaining in the system of the dirty oil mixes with the new hydraulic oil, greatly reduce the service life of the excavator hydraulic pump and other accessories.

, for example, total oil in the hydraulic system of 500 l, and only 220 l hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank, if we can only replace the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank, just change the system total less than 1/2 of the hydraulic oil. Introduce methods of hydraulic oil can replace 95% inside the system are as follows: method/process machine parked on a flat on the ground, remove the bucket, shut down the engine, remove the bucket cylinder tubing connector at the end of the movable arm, and install the plug. Start the engine, slowly lift starting arm, make the bucket cylinder piston rod under the action of gravity slowly reached out to the end of the bucket cylinder stroke. Bucket after inferior vena of hydraulic oil from the cylinder, the mining mechanical arm and bucket rod back to its original position. Remove the bucket rod cylinder front pin, the bucket rod cylinder engine to stroke and closed at the end. Remove the bucket rod cylinder on the tubing connector at the end of the movable arm ( Dismantle the tubing before the bucket rod cylinder piston, so as not to arm cylinder under the action of gravity suddenly stretched out, and cause injury accident) , under the weight of the arm cylinder out slowly until the journey ends, the bucket rod cylinder hydraulic oil from the inferior vena.

remove the movable arm, movable arm cylinder slowly put to horizontal position. Pull back and forth to cram the movable arm cylinder rod 2 trip to the end, will move the arm on the cylinder, the hydraulic oil discharge after all installation of inferior vena movable arm cylinder. Fit within the hydraulic oil tank of hydraulic oil, remove the hydraulic tank and pump the oil drain plug, after put the hydraulic oil that remains on internal oil plug is installed. Clean the hydraulic oil tank, replace the oil return, oil absorption, the forerunner and drainage filter, replacement of hydraulic oil on the breathing apparatus, add a new hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil level rises to the top tank from 200 mm to stop for gas. Unscrew hydraulic pump above 2 deflated screw, when the hydraulic oil flow from two relief port and there is no air bubbles will vent screw. Start the engine, to observe the movable arm and arm cylinder tubing, when clean the hydraulic oil flow from the bucket rod and the movable arm tubing, install the tubing back in place, If you don't clean the hydraulic oil flow out, can open separate handle, slowly to manipulate the action until a clean the hydraulic oil flow out) 。 Remove the bucket on the road in the earthen pipe plug, start the engine, to observe the bucket oil earthen pipe, when there are clean hydraulic flow shut down engine, installation of bucket cylinder tubing ( If you don't clean the hydraulic oil flow out, can open the separation of the handle, manipulate dipper handle to two side slowly tubing has clean the hydraulic oil flow out) 。

walking down on both sides of motor cover plate, the two main tubing and return pipe joint removed, start the engine, observation 2 oil mouth and return pipe, when clean the hydraulic oil flow out to install the tubing in place. Remove the rotary motor 2 main tubing connector, start the engine, when the rotation motor side 2 oil hole shut down the engine when clean the hydraulic oil, and install plug in rotary motor 2 oil mouth. Again to start the engine, open the separation of the handle slowly rotating manipulation control handle to 2 all tubing out clean the hydraulic oil. Disconnect the plug and install the tubing on the rotary motor. Check the hydraulic oil check feet, if the liquid level below the line, add the hydraulic oil tank liquid level from the top 200 mm. Start the engine, open the separation of the handle. Manipulation of the movable arm slowly, bucket, the bucket rod on both sides to end. Manipulation of walking slowly, rotating control handle, each direction has action. Will excavator parked in the oil level check, check the hydraulic oil, add the hydraulic oil to the line.

just replace bucket ready ahead of the tubing plug ( By the movable arm end) 2, rotary motor main oil mouth plug 2 and 1 5 t lifting equipment. that although this method of replacement procedure complex, but it can more thoroughly in the replacement of the old oil, if you don't consider the maintenance cost, for the maintenance of the machine is very good. 【 Mechanical 】 Some information from the Internet, and strive to secure timely, accurate, aims to deliver more information, does not represent the views or responsibility for their authenticity. If this net reprint information involves the issues such as copyright, please contact with this net.

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