Remember the three recruit, reduce excavator parts wear track with its installation method

by:HMB     2021-01-18
Walking part of the excavator by sprocket, roller, driving wheel and track link, when running at a certain time, these parts excavator parts will appear a certain degree of wear and tear. However, if the daily pay attention to the maintenance, to avoid future excavator & other Big way & throughout; Maintenance and repair. Save you considerable maintenance funds, and also can avoid delays caused by maintenance.

excavator parts tracks wear reduction methods: the first point: if repeatedly over a long period of time walking and suddenly turned on sloping ground, can make the side rail link with the driving wheel and the side of the guide wheel contact, thus increase the degree of wear and tear. Therefore, we should avoid walking on the sloping area and suddenly turned to as much as possible. Straight line and turn, which can effectively prevent wear and tear. The second point: if in sprocket and roller part can't continue to use, operation conditions may lead to slant roller mill, at the same time also can cause wear track link. If found not working roller, must immediately repair! In this way, can avoid to cause other malfunction. The third point: roller, sprocket bolt installation, installation of driving wheel of crawler plate bolts, bolt, walking piping, etc. , due to the machine to work long hours after it is easy to loose because of vibration. If, for example, in the case of crawler plate bolts loose to continue operating machinery, even lead to produce gap between segments and bolt, leading to crack of segments. And clearance generated may also increase the track chain internode and rail bolt hole, result in unable to tighten and must be replaced the worst effects of the track and track link. It should be regularly to check and tighten bolts and nuts, in order to reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.

excavator crawler installation method: unplug track bolt, track laying on the ground, start the excavator go for a walk to the middle of the time to stop, pull the crawler closed degrees with bolt. Caterpillar is driven by a driving wheel, around the driving wheel, asked the road wheel, flexible link of idler and belt wheel. Tracked by segments and track pin, etc. Caterpillar pin connects the crawler a plate constitutes a track link. Segments have holes on both ends, with mesh within the main pulley, central has induced tooth, crawler for adjustment, and to prevent the tank to fall off track, while travelling or roll in contact with the ground side have to strengthen the antiskid reinforcement ( Decorative pattern) So as to improve the segments of solid adhesion and track with the ground. Remember the above three recruit, can help you reduce the excavator attachments wear track, the hope can help you.

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