Remember at six tips for your escort excavator parts oil seal

by:HMB     2021-01-13

oil seal is used to seal oil excavator attachments, oil seal lifespan, mainly affected by the lip sliding surface lubrication characteristics. Drivers work, oil seal is one of the easy damaged parts, small make up today is to share the main content of the work device of the main causes of oil cylinder oil seal leakage.

in general, the oil seal is broken, there will be two cases. A, excavator parts cylinder oil, oil ( Before) Oil seal is broken; Second, the oil tank leakage, pressure relief. Within the drain in the lower arm, is ( After) Oil seal is broken. Why oil seal often bad? Gist: at six

1, when installation, such as oil seal joint chamfering of burr is not clear, can lead to damage of oil seal.

2, excavator parts of cylinder itself exists strain or scratches, when the piston rod telescopic once, will cause a damage to oil seal, over time, the oil seal is damaged, the spill.

3, the hydraulic system pressure is too big, cause the deformation of oil seal.

4, hydraulic oil contains impurities, external dust intrusion, excavator parts oil seal lip is easy to wear.

5, the hydraulic oil temperature is too high, will accelerate the aging oil seal, shorten the service life of the oil seal.

6, the original excavator parts oil seal, the sealing performance, workmanship, material can not meet the standard, easy to cause deformation, oil spill.

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