Rainy days excavator maintenance accessories, remember these three points!

by:HMB     2021-01-15
Excavators are generally outdoor operation, especially on rainy days to excavator operation more difficult, and easy to cause the excavator parts rust. So, rainy days excavator road should pay attention to what, excavator attachments how to maintain? Be sure to remember the following at 3 o 'clock!

1, remember to check road conditions on rainy days the road slippery, also easy to cause the ground water, urban road are prone to problems, but also need to pay attention to in our drivers work sites. In the mines, construction sites, a lot of homework is dirt roads, after the heavy rain, the road washed potholes, there are many places of mud accumulation, more road became very wet. In this case, the operator must be careful to check road conditions, to begin to work, to ensure safety first. In the case of confirmed can work, still have to pay attention to the road surface and the surrounding environment of moment. Avoid excavator too close to the edge of the cliff, the ditch, where soft ground, extremely easy because weight of excavator and vibrations cause the machine or tilting the fall. At the same time to avoid the machine work in the valley, and to prevent the mountain rain gathered flooded machine. If they are working at night, drivers before and after the headlight, working lamp, dome light, instrument lights, wiper equipment need regular check, ensure the normal work.

2, after the rain to clean after the heavy rain weather, excavator should be timely cleaning, otherwise excavator space can have a sludge accumulation, lead to important parts excavator parts rust and other problems. The chassis is the most close to the site, and the ground under the influence of traffic and weather are especially serious, the most easy to rusting. Therefore, it is important to note that the parts when cleaning after rain excavator attachments cleaning rust proofing. After the rain can not only reduces the likelihood of excavator parts rust cleaning, more can prevent acid composition of excavator in the rain the surface corrosion. More rain in the season, therefore, best can give excavator ahead of a paint repair capacity. In addition, the excavators in rainy day after work, should try to place to play it again the need for lubrication grease, prevent corrosion, and thus the wear in these areas. If the excavator slewing ring gear has a sediment or water into the inside, you will need to further clean, in case of damage to the rotary system.

3, parking is also very important safety rainy season excavator to park. If there are conditions, best can put the drivers parked in the garage, and avoid excessive the damp environment. If need long time place, should be regularly gears to let it run, make the battery to charge. The machine after long time storage should wipe the grease of the piston rod, inject grease components. During the parking of the machine and should be kept working device dry cleaning, prevent rust and make the machine operation block. Don't park in low-lying areas, as far as possible when the outdoor parking prevent drivers flooded by the rain, at the same time should pay attention to check the fuel tank and hydraulic tank cap is tight, the respirator is normal work, avoid unnecessary trouble rainwater infiltration into the tank. Regular excavator accessories maintenance can help excavator to better cope with various complex problems, catch these three tips, will reduce excavator failure!

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