Quickly eliminate excavator action is slow, the old mining machinist to action

by:HMB     2021-01-23
Case 1. Drivers vehicle slow drivers vehicle slow reasons can consider the following six aspects: (1) engine: the aging or failure engine speed is reduced, and the hydraulic pump is directly driven by the engine, the main pump displacement is reduced, can cause drivers action is slow, generally accompanied by suppress car phenomenon at the same time; (2) the main pump regulator malfunction: main pump regulator is the main reason for the main pump displacement, if the regulator stuck in the small displacement position or directly fall off and cannot adjust, will cause the entire main pump displacement is very small, at this time no matter how hard it is engine throttle opening, excavator action would be the slowest; (3) pilot pressure: the guide will result in the lack of open valve core is insufficient pressure, cause traffic, cause slow; (4) circuit related problems: excavator CPU, high and low pressure sensors, solenoid valve and line fault; (5) leakage, external leakage, and leakage within the system, can cause the hydraulic oil, after shunting movements required flow will reduce, drivers action will slow down; Case 2. Single operation speed slow walking, inversion, carry large single operation such as forearm, recover the scoop slow can consider the following reasons: (1) related components of overflow valve pressure is too low; (2) pump, low pressure sensor, multi-channel valve fault; (3) related electromagnetic valve, the valve core card failure. Case 3. Cold machine is normal, heat engine slow 1. First consider the oil is too dirty, need to change; Check the oil filter for copper scrap, causing the main pump wear and need to take apart to see; 2. The guide filter, oil filter, oil suction filter blocked; 3. Main pump sludge conditioning machine servo piston, inclined plate can't regulate, main pump total in the small displacement, work flow.
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