Quick change of the movable arm oil cylinder oil seal

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Movable arm oil cylinder, the oil seal replacement, such as in a repair shop, and will be able to finish in a short time, but in the wild, without lifting equipment is single homework, is quite difficult. There are practical methods: only one chain, 4 root length of wire rope, and other related tools can be completed. 1, will first excavator is stationary, the bottom of the bucket rod received, movable arm, will scoop closed flat fell to the ground. 2, wire rope set on the movable arm, a short set of wire rope in the upper part of the movable arm cylinder, with his hand on the chain hook hook at the ends of the two steel wire rope, then tighten the chains. 3, pull out the arm cylinder piston rod head pin, remove the into and out of the tubing, the movable arm cylinder on the platform. 4, remove the spring movable arm cylinder on the card, key card, the card slot plug rubber strip, in high level with movable arm cylinder rod arm and movable arm cylinder pin hole on the right rope, respectively connected to the chain, then tighten the chains, the piston rod can be pulled out. 5, change the oil seal, then refitted in contrary to remove the order. If three people work together, it only takes a few minutes to complete.
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