Puncture site loader to do, to teach you how to temporary change

by:HMB     2021-01-27
You must have encountered loader loader driver work career flat tire. Loader in the paleogene when work or work under the bad environment, often blowout happens, while the front wheel because of the large bear, flat tire more easily. And due to the environment and conditions, field replacement tires more difficult. Small make up a construction site are summarized for everybody today rapid replacement tires methods to share with you. A, place the body will open into a broad flat loader, lower movable arm, the movable arm support body, broken for loader tires slightly off the ground, and then use brace support near the flash on the bridge on one side of the flat tire. This link need loader hands the skilled operation technology, and requires strong coordination, so as not to cause personal injury. Second, excluding gasket with rim adhesion failure using tools to remove the collar of the tire and lock ring, and then check whether liner and rim adhesion failure. If verification have adhesion phenomenon, the adhesion, removed to launch loader tires in a large slow running back and forth on the ground, let the liner and rim separation. Remember not fast or spin, avoid tyre liner and the damage to the rim. Padding and rim will again after separation of the front wheel according to support the sound of steps. Three, mark the tyres will be internal and external tires according to the relative position of each tag, in order to find foreign body, remove and repair tires. Four, remove the rim tools will tire and rim separation, using prepared process need to be gentle, to avoid damage to tire and mouth. Five, the casing damaged examined under the separation of tyre, and if the tyre is sharp foreign body injury, and the injured area is lesser, can continue to use, convenient to engineering to be repaired. Because the loader is slow drive device, so small area of the damaged casing can continue to work. If damaged area is larger, the need to repair in time, avoid the tire wear increases damage, caused tube is damaged. Six, inner tube protection if the inner tube is relatively new, you will need to tighten gas mouth, to prevent air leakage. The foreign body inside the tyre after clear, and even into the talcum powder, and evenly daub, and needs to be appropriate inflatable inner tube before stuffing liner, avoid liner and inside, the tyre clearance is too large. Seven, mount the tires of tyre will be repaired with rim, lock ring and ring on one by one, it is important to note that the installation process cannot touch gas mouth, avoid frustrated cause friction in inner tube. Need to give the tyre after installation is complete, then repeat step 1, with a movable arm support body, remove brace. , of course, this is just a temporary replacement tires at the construction site of method, at the end of the project, also need to temporary processed to change the tire repair. And bigger tires, it can't use this method to repair, need new tires and comprehensive check.
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