Promote return to work and production, the excavator accessories these maintenance early know!

by:HMB     2021-01-13
A comeback after all over, ensure production smoothly, excavator accessories maintenance cannot little! Excavator are mostly adopted, diesel engines, for diesel engine from the power of the economy on the power performance is better than gasoline engines, especially diesel engine torque is bigger, more can meet the job requirements of the excavator.

as we all know, drivers of excavator attachments need daily maintenance, and diesel engine as the heart of the excavator, its daily maintenance becomes especially important. Excavator on the diesel engine should be how to maintain? What is we need to pay attention to?

one, check the fuel tank oil level. Whether the amount of oil fuel tank is enough, if not, add foot according to need. When checking fuel oil level to helping to check and see if there is the oil fuel tank. This step is important, because the oil miss is money. If you have the spill or try to solve in advance.

2, check the oil level, whether machine oil surface height is within the scope of the provisions, if the oil is insufficient to add in a timely manner. If the oil is too much or too little, should check the engine at this time, see if there is oil leakage. This is also very important, because the oil once appear problem, then it is possible to pull cylinder, zoned phenomenon, further damage to the engine and other fittings of excavator.

3, check the water level in the radiator, look at the radiator in the water or antifreeze is missing, if lack of, be sure to add in a timely manner. If the radiator water level is too low, obviously must check whether there is leakage in time. This item can't save, if leakage will cause engine & other; Boil dry pan & throughout; Phenomenon, and then a cylinder, such as damage to the engine.

4, see the smoke of diesel engine, the blue smoke coming if there is, the phenomenon of white smoke, black smoke, listening to the engine sound. If there is a sound smoke is not normal, engine, be sure to check the corresponding parts of maintenance in time excavator attachments, so as not to affect the rest of the work progress.

5, wipe the diesel engine. It seems that the this is not important, but also is very be necessary. Because wipes engine, diesel engine is not only clean, more important is to find the engine oil, the phenomenon such as leakage. Wipe the surface of a diesel engine, will also help us find some engine is a potential problem and solve the potential problems in advance, is more advantageous to reduce excavator parts failure engine, prolong service life.

6, dashboard, look at the dashboard if there is a problem, see about the engine on the dashboard display is normal. Dashboard is one of the important objects monitoring machine in daily work, in general, it also shoulders the responsibility of monitoring the engine, so we looked in the dashboard, carefully as far as possible.

7, check whether the connection and fixed parts fastening engine. The work is also very necessary, because the machine in operation will inevitably produce vibration, and vibration will make the connection and fixed parts of screws is loose. Once the screw loose, light person cause machine can run, body shaking, or damage to the excavator parts, even can cause unnecessary accidents, so that a check is important.

eight, check the oil-water separator, see whether you need the drainage. Oil-water separator water if not timely net, the nozzle will often fail, will affect the service life of the engine. If there is no filter clean diesel oil in water or impurities, that will be inside the nozzle plunger matching parts forming wear, and even injury. The injector damage will cause the engine acceleration is not stable or weak, or black smoke emissions, etc.

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