Prolonging the service life of the engineering machinery tip _CTP drivers accessories

by:HMB     2021-01-30
Prolonging the service life of the engineering machinery tip general engineering machinery equipment's cost is very high, so we're going to have a good maintenance of engineering machinery, prolong the service life of engineering machinery. In addition, as far as possible to reduce the harmful factors should be used in engineering machinery to ensure the normal working load. Below small make up to detailed to introduce you to: 1, ensure the normal working load construction machinery work load to the size and nature of mechanical loss process has important influence. Generally speaking, the parts of wear proportionally increase with the increase of the load. When the parts under load is higher than average design load, the wear will be increased. In addition, other conditions being the same, the stability of the load is smaller than wear under dynamic load, less failure, low service life. Tests show that the engine work under unstable load compared with stable work under the load, the cylinder wear will be increased 2 times. Work under normal load of the engine, the failure rate is low, and prolong service life. Instead, overloaded engine, fault rate increased obviously, life will be than design index decrease. Are often in a wide range of load change of mechanical wear quantity is greater than the continuous and stable work of mechanical 2, reducing various corrosion metal surface with the surrounding medium chemical or electrochemical corrosion and damage phenomenon said. The corrosion effect not only affects the normal work of the mechanical equipment appearance, but also internal corrosion to the mechanical parts. Such as rain, the chemicals in the air by mechanical parts into the machinery, such as foreign channels, crack corrosion mechanical parts inside, accelerate the mechanical wear, increase the mechanical failure. Due to the corrosion effect is sometimes invisible, imperceptible to the touch, easy to miss, so its harmfulness is bigger. In use, management and operating personnel should according to the local weather conditions, the air pollution situation, take effective measures to reduce the chemical corrosion effect on the mechanical, the key is to prevent the rain water and air in the invasion of the chemical composition of mechanical, minimize the work in the rain. 3, reduce the influence of mechanical impurity mechanical impurities generally refers to nonmetal material such as dust, soil and engineering machinery in use process produce some of the scrap metal, wear debris, etc. Inside these once in mechanical impurities to the matching between the surface of the machinery, the harm is great, not only make out relative motion block, speed up the process of wear parts, and will cooperate surface scratch, destroy the lubricating oil film, make the parts temperature, lubricating oil deterioration. According to the measurement, lubrication of mechanical impurities to 0. 15%, the first wear of piston engine speed will be bigger than normal 2. 5 times; Rolling shaft with entering the impurity particles, the life will be reduced 80% 90%. Therefore, for work in complicated conditions, conditions of engineering machinery, a to use the high quality, form a complete set of spare parts and lubricating oil, grease, the source of blocking harmful impurities; The mechanical protection work in the second, we must do a good job, guarantee the normal work of the corresponding mechanism can, prevent various impurities from entering the machine internal. For the failure of mechanical, as far as possible to the regular repair repair place. On-site repair, also should be protective measures, to prevent the repair when the replacement parts before entering the mechanical impurities such as dust pollution. 4, reduce the influence of temperature on the job, each component has its own normal range of temperature. As the temperature of the cooling water is 80 - 90 ℃, the hydraulic drive system of hydraulic oil temperature for 30 - 60 ℃, lower than or more than this range will speed up the process of wear parts, cause lubricating oil deterioration, the change of material properties, and so on. Test shows that all kinds of engineering machinery main drive gear and bearing in - 5 ℃ in lubricating oil lubricating oil flow in than in 3 ℃, 10 - wear to increase 12 times. But when the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the deterioration of lubricating oil, such as more than 55 - the oil temperature 60 ℃, the oil temperature rise every 5 ℃, engine oil oxidation rate will be doubled. Therefore, engineering machinery in use process, the overload operation, to prevent low temperature to ensure normal operation in the process of the temperature stage at low speed, the mechanical driving again after the temperature reaches or work, don't cry because it is the problem and not ignore the important role; Second, we must prevent mechanical operation at high temperature, mechanical operation process to check all kinds of thermometer, found the problem immediately stop for inspection, found fault in time. For want of reason, absolutely can't treated and still make the mechanical work, although he is ill. In the usual work, pay attention to check the working condition of the cooling system. For water-cooled machine, daily work must be checked before, add cooling water; For air-cooled machinery, also want to regular cleaning the dust on the air cooling system, guarantee the cooling air duct flow.
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