Principle of diesel engine series - Start the system

by:HMB     2021-01-27
7. 1 starter overview of initiating device is mainly composed of generator and battery, starter: 7. 1. 1 starter function of the engine to achieve work state, must use outside can make the engine from the static to running itself, to complete the process must be used to start the device. 7. 1. 2 the start-up condition of diesel engine start torque, start speed 7. 1. Human start 3 diesel engine startup mode, compressed air, seven motor start. 1. 4 starter types according to the overall structure can be divided into ordinary starter, permanent magnet starter motor, deceleration starter according to the drive gear meshing methods are divided into mandatory mesh type, movable armature gear roller bearing 7. 1. 5 cold start assist device electric plug, inlet electric flame preheater. 7. 2 start system failure reason 1, start motor damage, damage to the starter solenoid valve, 3, 2 battery capacity is less than 4, generator is less than 5, start the system circuit breakers or poor contact.
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