Principle of diesel engine series - Lubrication system

by:HMB     2021-01-26
4. 3. 1 the function of lubrication system lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, corrosion protection, hydraulic, vibration 4. 3. 2 diesel engine lubrication method ( 1) Pressure lubrication main bearing of crankshaft, connecting rod bearing, CAM shaft bearing, turbocharger, air compressor, rocker bearing ( 2) Splash lubrication of piston, piston rings, connecting rod bushing, the contact point of the rocker arm and valve and chopsticks, CAM CAM, top cup, gear box ( 3) Oil lubrication cummins engine oil has a nozzle at the bottom of the cylinder, piston used for cooling. ( 4) Grease lubrication pump bearing, generator bearing, starter bearing 4. 3. 3 the composition of the oil sump lubrication system, coarse mesh, oil temperature table, filler, oil pump, strainer, oil radiator, oil pressure gauge, filter, etc. 4. The lubrication system is the structure of the main components of 4. 4. 1 oil pump gear pump, rotor pump 4. 4. 2 the relief valve is also called the pressure limiting valve, prevent oil pressure is too high. 4. 4. 3 lubricating oil filter filter set, rough filter, fine filter. Composite filter. 4. 4. 4 lubricating oil radiator cooling and lubricating oil temperature. 4. 4. 5 crankcase ventilation device in a timely manner to eliminate waste gas into the crankcase, maintain crankcase pressure. The crankcase ventilation way: forced ventilation, natural ventilation, Breathing apparatus) 。
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