Principle of diesel engine series - Fuel supply system

by:HMB     2021-01-29
We successively introduced the principle of diesel engine series: an overview of diesel engine connecting rod, piston connecting rod set, lubrication system, the understanding of fuel oil supply system together. 5. 1 fuel supply and control system the function, composition and classification of 5. 1. 1 diesel flame and using performance, evaporation, low temperature fluidity, viscosity, lubrication, corrosion of diesel. 5. 1. 2 the structure and the principle of fuel supply system ( 1) Structure of fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, high pressure for the oil pump, fuel injector, high-pressure tubing. ( 2) Working principle of the oil transfer pump fuel from the tank sucked out, through the pipeline to the fuel filter, fuel filter from filter out the impurity in the fuel oil and water, after the fuel flow for high pressure oil pump, through the pressure of fuel into the high pressure pipe flow to the fuel injector, extra fuel at high pressure pump and fuel injector flow back into the tank. 5. 1. 3 the classification of the fuel supply system ( 1) Pump - Pipe - Pump nozzle system, in-line fuel injection pump, distribution, monomer pump system. ( 2) Pump - Nozzle system, ( 3) Accumulator type ( Common rail type) The system has stable injection pressure and time control type. 5. 2 fuel supply and the structure and principle of regulating system 5. 2. 1 fuel regulating system's function and composition, 1) Will at the appropriate moment after a certain amount of fuel pressure in the appropriate rule is sprayed into the combustion chamber, and ensure the same fuel injection timing and fuel injection quantity to each cylinder and corresponding to the operation condition of diesel engines, injection pressure, injection atomization quality and its distribution in the combustion chamber adapted to the type of combustion chamber; ( 2) Within each work cycle, each cylinder injection time, injection order and in line with cylinder ignition sequence. ( 3) According to the changes of the diesel engine in accordance with automatic adjustment cycle oil, to ensure stable operation of diesel engine, especially stable idle, limit speed. ( 4) To store a certain amount of diesel, guarantee continuous operation. 5. 2. 2 injector fuel injector is based on the characteristics of diesel mixed gases, fuel atomization into small droplets and its injection to specific parts of the combustion chamber. Fuel injector hole type injector and shaft type injector needle. 5. 2. 3 fuel filter to filter impurities in fuel oil and water. 5. 2. 4 oil transfer pump oil transfer pump piston, diaphragm, gear, vane, etc. 5. 2. 5 in-line fuel injection pump function: each cylinder oil injection quantity is equal; Each cylinder fuel injection advance Angle is the same; The duration of each cylinder injection Angle is consistent; To prevent fuel injector can quickly stop the oil supply, dripping phenomenon. 5. 2. 6 distribution type fuel injection pump 5. 2. Fuel injection pump 5 6 pt system. 3 speed limit the highest speed of engine, guarantee the stability of idle speed running.
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