Pay attention to four, help you reduce the excavator parts wear and tear

by:HMB     2021-01-19
Often participate in the project friends should know that boot is efficient on dry dry project. Most concerned about is the equipment malfunction, equipment maintenance, delay the time limit for a project will add a lot to the construction cost. A lot of things such as excavator excavator parts wear need to be replaced in a timely manner, and under the share need to pay attention to four, help reduce wear excavator spare parts.

parts corrosion prevention corrosion effect on the excavator parts, sometimes is not easy to find, easy to miss, more dangerous. Rain, the chemicals in the air by mechanical parts such as infiltration of machinery, such as pipes, crack corrosion parts. Corroded parts to continue to work also can make accelerate mechanical wear, increase the mechanical failure. This requires that managers and operators according to the local weather conditions, the site situation, take reasonable construction schedule, to minimize the dangers of chemical corrosion of mechanical parts.

keep working in the rated load of the excavator working load, size, the nature of the loss has important influence to the mechanical parts. In general, excavator parts wear and tear will increase with the increase of the load. When the excavator attachments under load is higher than the design work load, the wear will be increased. In the condition of the same circumstances, the stability of load than high frequency of dynamic load on the parts wear small, less failure, longer life.

maintain parts reasonable temperature at work, each component has its own normal range of temperature. Temperature is too low will affect the strength of the parts, so we need to cooperate with the temperature of the coolant and oil control parts, so that they work at a reasonable temperature range. Timely clean, reduce the influence of mechanical impurity mechanical impurities generally refers to dust, dirt and other material and engineering machinery in use process itself produces some of the scrap metal, oil dirties, etc. Between these impurities, once reach the surface of the mechanical work, the harm is great, not only make the frictional force increases, consumption increases; And will destroy the lubricating oil film, abrasion surface.

reduce failure rate of mechanical equipment, all by usual maintenance, replacement delicate excavator parts in a timely manner. Sure do this will reduce the failure rate of excavator, thus to avoid some delay caused by fault engineering.

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