Original excavator hydraulic maintenance - Excavator bearings release

by:HMB     2021-01-12

linqing factory original summary released excavator hydraulic excavator bearing maintenance notice:

1. Pay attention to the operating environment. Excavator bearings to avoid increase hydraulic oil in extreme weather, replacement of filters, prevent dirt into.

2。 When parking place to stay away from those who have the dust. Due to the maintenance after it is difficult to determine performance, it is recommended to use the unit. Hydraulic heavy excavators bearing of disassembly and maintenance should be performed in the specially prepared dust workshop, and should be used for performance testing equipment.

3。 Excavator bearings helpful hints when using the hydraulic oil to fill, don't let the dust. Often keep the oil filler and surrounding area clean and clean use of pump and oil container to use. By using a kind of oil cleaning device, in the process of storing collected dirt can be filtered out, this is a more effective way.

4。 When heavy excavators bearing hydraulic oil or other liquid is warm, it flows smoothly and dirt from the circuit also can flow easily, so it is strongly recommended that oil is still warm, to ensure that as much of the waste from heavy excavators bearing hydraulic oil was drained, specifically, from the hydraulic oil tank, filter or circuit drain plug) 。 If leave any waste oil, its pollutant and mix with new oil sludge, and shorten service life.

5。 In disassembly and assembly of heavy excavators bearing or after oil change, removing pollutants from hydraulic circuit with flushing oil, sludge and waste oil. Under normal circumstances, wash twice: once flush was conducted with flushing oil, secondary rinse was conducted with the specified hydraulic oil.

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