Online shopping on second-hand excavators? Come and listen to the excavator accessories factory come down

by:HMB     2021-01-13

online second-hand excavator on? Excavator accessories manufacturers believe most people will play a big question mark in my heart. Now most of the daily consumption has become a shopping category, the advantages of convenient, quick, save time and effort to attract countless people join online army! So online big-ticket items, such as excavator, can achieve?

compared with daily consumer goods, excavator accessories manufacturers think these commodities generally have a higher value, higher barriers, information asymmetry, as a result, the trade of these goods often need to customer & other; Immersive & throughout; , on-site confirmation, to make sure it is goods. Therefore, the goods trade often offline. In engineering machinery, and other Online shopping & throughout; The proportion of smaller, accessories online is not popular trend, not to mention frequently hundreds of thousands of millions of the host. Construction machinery & other; Electricity & throughout; Has been for years, but is not good, no one can be used in the river's lake what the wind and waves, and even a spray could see nothing.

used online trading of pain points is used is not a mass production product, the individual differences between the product is great, and the hundreds of thousands of high value, so users see, or the test drive is used the necessary conditions of sale, don't have the prerequisites, used trading can't reach.

excavator attachments manufacturer to analysis the feasibility of online transactions of second-hand excavator

a number of options available. In offline trading scenario, the user to select a right one used, is likely to be multiple and used trading market, but used trading market is relatively concentrated, is not as common as second-hand car trading market, as a result, users can access to the limited options, if you want to get more options, you'll have to spend more time, to a greater distance, even across the province to find equipment, so that the marginal cost is extremely high. Used online trading platform, can greatly reduce the marginal cost, make it easy for users to contact for more options.

2 is what? Higher trading efficiency? More open and transparent? Sorry, excavator parts, in these aspects, the network before the trading platform do very general, most just did one thing: the number of options available boundary because of lower barriers to do so, the cost is low. No barriers and cost, also represents no moat, you can kill in field, others can also come in & other; Spoiler & throughout; 。 Use, all kinds of used Internet trading platform plays, paper box office may be a boom, the audience sit audience rarely. Can't solve used market & other; Dishonest, opaque, low quality & throughout; Problem, used the network trading platform can only make a street Shouting welcome forever doorman, drainage, only free from the really used circulation system. Want to used the circulation of each link, fundamentally change the used phones & other; Online shopping & throughout; That need to be in the industry to occupy the pivotal heavyweight admission.

excavator accessories manufacturers overtaking lane changing new play

no matter from the used market ownership transaction price, trading volume, with tonnage or users reputation, komatsu is best in the Chinese market, in other word: users recognize this brand. In addition to the market, the circulation of common used phones, komatsu also launched a more advanced & other; Proprietary & throughout; Used the business & ndash; — Recycling machine.

is different from the vendors of used phones on the market or used to launch cycle machine is komatsu & other; Corporate behavior & throughout; And, therefore, recycling machine is born with komatsu enterprise business philosophy: quality and honesty. Each komatsu cycle machine after strict selection of audit, in accordance with the strict standard to improve the cycle of development, strictly controls the development process of materials, process and commissioning acceptance, to ensure that each service facility is high quality.

at the same time, through the way of enterprises in GCP platform, komatsu cycle machine not only accept komatsu itself strictly, more audit by GCP platform authentication conditions. GCP platform of detailed data for the record in equipment, including aircraft, manufacturing date, work time, maintenance history, etc. , to ensure the equipment information real, effective and can be found out. On in circulation machine equipment & other A used throughout a file &; Comprehensive data tracking, the platform also introduced equipment sovereign query function, achieve the equipment quality and transaction process of dual credit guarantee.

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